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IE Talent and Careers Organizes “Highly Effective Job Search” Courses for Alumni

“Highly Effective Job Search” Courses for Alumni | IE Business School

IE Business School’s Talent and Careers for Alumni recently hosted a series of classes for “Highly Effective Job Search.”

Exclusively for graduates, these four sessions allowed some 80 graduates to create project plans based on their overall career goals that will help them get their desired job.

Talent and Careers said the course–led by Director of IE Alumni Career Services Ana Herranz– was successful and that it has decided to offer it as a recurring series every 2-3 months. The course breaks participants into Job Search Groups to help personalize their experience.

“This is the third edition of the course and the Job Search Groups and our method has proved to be successful in helping alumni accelerate the process. We quickly see that they start getting interviews faster,” said Herranz.

Each session focused on a different aspect of job-hunting in the digital age. Rather than simply using the mainstream methods of applying to jobs, the course helped alumni identify key factors that would enhance their personal profiles, giving them a competitive advantage in the selection process.

“With this course we are equipping our alumni with the right methodology and resources to be ready and fully equipped to quickly land the job they are looking for.”

Ana Herranz, Director of IE Alumni Career Services