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International MBA Students Applaud Women in Tech Mentoring Program


Female International MBA students enjoy one-on-one mentorship for tech-related jobs as world wrestles with coronavirus.

As the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic and companies navigate remote teams and tele-commuting, IE Business School’s Women in Tech Mentoring Program finished its second edition to much applause from students.

“I have had the fortune of consistent communication and mentoring sessions with my mentor. I am so grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to learn from a woman who has been ever so generous with imparting her knowledge,” said student Sinenjabulo Zungu. “More than ever, such a privilege has become so meaningful.”

The program– offered exclusively to female International MBA students interested in developing a career in technology– focuses on clear business goals, interviewing techniques, career guidance and networking.

“Women in tech can particularly benefit from mentoring as a source of inspiration, encouragement and a means to build confidence, and set achievable career goals,” said IMBA Associate Dean José Esteves, who launched the program last year.

The second edition of the program, which finished in April, paired 15 students with mentors from Amazon, Telefonica, VmWare, Mastercard, Microsoft, Google, CISCO, SAP, BBVA, IBM and the Fundacion Coleccion Thyssen-Bornemisza.

“Establishing a mentoring relation with a successful female leader helps students to navigate career options in tech companies and build confidence in their career decisions. On the other side, there are also tangible benefits for companies when they increase the percentage of women at their executive level,” states Alessandra Aloisio, Director of Recruiter Relations and Partnerships.

The four-month program allowed this batch of students to benefit from the real-time professional challenges their mentors faced during the switch to remote working caused by confinement measures adopted worldwide. Some of the mentees extended their engagement with their mentors beyond the once-a-month online mentoring sessions.

For students, the mentors inspired them to become self-advocates and shared business acumen.

“A vital milestone in my rebranding journey during IMBA wouldn’t have been complete without Women in Tech Mentorship program,” said IMBA student Sakshi Sharma. “From mapping roles to keeping sane while searching for jobs and from building the network to strategizing career path ahead.”

Female students are already applying for the next edition of the Women in Tech Mentoring Program, set to launch in June.

“For an institution to realize that it falls upon them to empower women and propel them to spaces historically dominated by the opposite gender is commendable,” Zungu said. “IE has graciously taken ownership of this position.”

"A vital milestone in my rebranding journey during IMBA wouldn't have been complete without the Women in Tech Mentorship program with Elena Yndurain - an amazing mentor, leader, and technologist. I cannot thank her enough for her enthusiasm to share her learnings and setting clear goals. From mapping roles to keeping sane while searching for jobs and from building the network to strategizing a career path ahead - a journey simplified. I am grateful to IE for arranging this tremendous experience of a lifetime."
Sakshi Sharma, India
"Even though my sessions have been online during the Covid situation, they have been very enriching. My mentor has been very approachable and direct with her communication about things I can leverage and things I should improve. She is analytical and thorough in her feedback; ensures I have clear guidance and clarity about next steps. After all our sessions, I have always had a positive outlook on things."
Sonali Verma, India
"The Women in Tech Mentorship Program has been an amazing opportunity for me to start working on my career plan after the MBA and even beyond. My mentor was very open and she gave me freedom to define the topics I wanted to cover during the four sessions we had. I really got the opportunity to focus this time to work on the topics I wanted and to solve all questions I had regarding both the industry and the role women have in it."
Laura Peñuela, Colombia
"The Women in Tech Mentoring program has been a very rewarding experience for me. From the initial meeting with my mentor, I felt that our backgrounds had been well matched. My mentor went above and beyond as she helped me revamp my CV/resume and practice a mock interview session. This experience has not only set me up for success, but also allowed me to form a networking relationship that extends beyond the program."
Elisabet Nieves, Puerto Rico
"For an institution to realize that it falls upon them to empower women and propel them to spaces historically dominated by the opposite gender is commendable. IE-- renowned for innovation, technology and entrepreneurship—has graciously taken ownership of this position, in partnership with tech companies, and embraced the global call to empower women not only as leaders in the global space, but to make a mark in the technology industry."
Sinenjabulo Zungu, South Africa