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Landing your Dream Job with the Highly Effective Job Search Course

Landing your Dream Job with the Highly Effective Job Search Course

Talent and Careers offers tools to guide IE alumni in the job search process.

Improving your work-life balance, finding purpose in your business activities and feeling cared for by your employer are a few of the focal points jobseekers highlighted as priorities in LinkedIn’s report The Reinvention of Company Culture. As IE Business School students plunge into the current job market– or alumni re-evaluate their career progression– they increasingly find a key resource in Talent and Careers and the Highly Effective Job Search course, followed by focused Job Search Groups.

Since its launch in 2020, more than 1,150 people have registered for the Highly Effective Job Search course, which is offered every two months and is now in its 11th edition. More than 90% of attendees report finding jobs after taking the four-part course.

Attendees of the course have secured jobs at JP Morgan, Philips, HubSpot, Deloitte and MSCI, among others.

In this first lesson, alumni decide the type of job they want, the companies they want to target, and the core message they will use to convince recruiters. For some people, like Carlos Garcia-Consuegra who obtained a job as an investment analyst in Verus thanks to this program, this first lesson was one of the most useful ones.



Carlos Garcia-Consuegra | IE Business School

Carlos Garcia-Consuegra

Ishana Rajguru | IE Business School

Ishana Rajguru

“The most useful part was setting a calendar and an action plan with a clear methodology and objectives.”

Carlos Garcia-Consuegra

The second lesson is how to leverage networking in the job search. Alumni are taught how to create a highly effective networking plan and how to use networks systematically. In the third lesson, alumni put the theory into action by creating a compelling outreach message, following up effectively, and convincing the hiring manager by preparing a business case.

Finally, alumni receive essential tips to have a great CV and LinkedIn profile that will snag the attention of recruiters. However, they are not left alone after the course finishes. Talent and Careers invites alumni who have completed the course to join a job search group. Groups are formed with 6 to 8 participants that meet virtually for 90 minutes on a weekly basis during 6 consecutive weeks.

“I attended the Highly Effective Job Search workshops organized by IE for alumni and it was a much-needed boost of encouragement that equipped me with even more arrows in my quiver,” said Ishana Rajguru, a Master in Management alum who landed a job as a consultant in KPMG after the course and participating in the subsequent job search group.

“I would really recommend alumni who are actively job seeking to make use of these initiatives by IE. Job searching in a situation like this can be extraordinarily lonely and isolating, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re a part of the IE family.”

Ishana Rajguru

Angela Vasquez

Abhishek Suresh | IE Business School

Abhishek Suresh

Another participant of the program, Angela Vasquez, who obtained a position as growth manager in Foodology, said “one of the most helpful thing about the Job Search course was the weekly group meeting because not only did it make you follow up your job search (that sometimes can be tiring), but also meeting with people in the same place as you are and receiving feedback from everyone is very helpful.”

Many alumni said belonging to a group going through the same rigorous and sometimes tiring process made them feel supported and motivated.

“This approach was different because it feels more collective and inclusive. Otherwise, job searching feels like a lonely battle,” said Abhishek Suresh, who now works as project manager in eGov Foundation.

“Sometimes you don’t feel very motivated but immediately after each session you get really pumped up which is clearly because of the collective group feeling and the energy you get from other group members.”

Abhishek Suresh

Martín García Vaquero | IE Business School

Martín García Vaquero


After completing the course and reaping the benefits of these tools, many alumni feel confident in recommending it to the rest of the IE community.

“I strongly recommend the Highly Effective Job Search IE program to any IE alumni or student looking for a boost in their career. The holistic methodology and different approach to the fast-changing market, the specific marketing tools learned, and the follow-up of the personal plan implementation, make the course a potent weapon to highlight one’s profile very effectively over other aspirants and candidates,” said Martín García Vaquero, Executive MBA.