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LinkedIn Live: Insights on Sustainability & Society – Clash of the Contested Common

LinkedIn Live: Insights on Sustainability & Society | IE Business School

Institutional entrepreneurship has become an important vessel in communally based societies.

Guest speakers Karim Ben Slimane and Rachida Justo met on IE Business School’s LinkedIn Live to discuss how business and sustainability of resources go hand-in-hand within societies in order to create a social impact.

Slimane is currently working for ISC Paris while Justo is a professor at IE Business School.

Through the examination of their collective research on institutional entrepreneurship and its relation to the contested commons in Jemna, Tunisia, both researchers explained how these factors affect one another on a communal scale.

“There is no unique way of managing resources, and as much as business school professors and entrepreneurship professors think that private property has lots of advantages, we also think that sometimes common property for resources also has a variety of advantages for the actual communities involved.”

Rachida Justo

Justo said there are positive results that sprout from both institutional entrepreneurship and corporate entrepreneurship in relation to methods that use natural resources to create innovations that will transform societies.

Silmane described the usage of these resources, also referred to as the contested commons, as “an alternative to the traditional way of managing businesses, although they do not necessarily equate on the same scale.”

Karim Ben Slimane

The 65 participants who attended the event live asked a range of questions related to how renewable resources are created through these forms of entrepreneurship, along with how corporate entrepreneurship in particular can accelerate the implementation of these resources for change.


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