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More IE Business School Alumni Initiatives Against Covid-19

IE Business School Alumni Initiatives Against Covid-19

Feeding those in need, offering free services, raising funds and providing medical gear set example in fight against Covid-19.

IE Business School community members have stepped up to show leadership and resilience. We applaud the agility, resolve and compassion these alumni have shown in the face of adversity. If you or someone from your class has launched an initiative to address issues, shortages or distress caused by the coronavirus, please let us know.

Bringing the World Together through Fitness

Marco Sagrera, co-founder, partner and EVP at Loud And Live is spearheading United in Movement, an initiative focused on harnessing the power of fitness to bring the world together in movement. This online fitness competition, which includes a 7-day workout challenge and guest appearances from elite athletes worldwide, has the end goal of raising relief funds for those impacted by COVID-19. All proceeds will be donated to 3 non-profits: Action Against Hunger, Red Cross Global, and the CrossFit Foundation.

"With so many around the world being impacted by this pandemic, we knew the fitness community would rally behind a worthy cause to help, in an effort to unite the global community through movement. We’ve witnessed an overwhelming amount of participation, and we’re extremely grateful for everyone’s support."
Marco Sagrera
IMBA 2008

Helping the Elderly

David González Prieto, CEO of DepenCare, launched initiatives to help the elderly and other dependents in Spain cope during the current situation by offering discounts and free consultations on dependency and orthopedic products.

"We are still helping our elderly. In Depencare we take care of your family’s needs so that they are not alone at any time. Only a society that is coordinated, based on values and helps one another can survive and move forward when nature rebels."
David González Prieto
IMBA 2011

Feeding People

Hugo Rodríguez de Prada, co-founder of Grosso Napoletano, launched Food4Heroes. The initiative pools together hundreds of restaurants and food providers to offer food and drink to health workers in more than 50 hospitals around Spain. In the first two weeks, the initiative has been featured widely in Spain as it delivered more than 4 tons of food using Whatsapp to coordinate health workers’ needs with a chat of participating restaurants.

"It’s incredible to see how people are joining. It’s impressive to pick up the phone and hear someone on the other side say: ‘Hi Hugo, I’m Juan Manuel Serrano, president of Correos. How can we help?’ That means the idea has become a project for everyone."
Hugo Rodríguez de Prada
MIM 2012

Clemente Loriente, CEO of Incarlopsa, a meat group specialized in porcine products, realized from the beginning of this health crisis that his duty was to ensure that no one was left without food. The company has participated in numerous initiatives to feed the hungry, including donating 4,650 kg of food products to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL). The donated products will feed 90,000 people.

"In a situation like the current one, it is our duty to assure that no one is left without food. Our humane team has been committed from the beginning to maintaining production and guaranteeing the supply to the whole society, including the most vulnerable."
Clemente Loriente
Master in Commercial and Marketing Management, 1999

Virtualizing Mental Health Care

David Cohn, founder of Regroup Telehealth and Chief Growth Officer of InSight + Regroup and recently recognized as 40 under 40 by National Peace Corps Association, has virtualized mental healthcare, allowing individuals to safely continue or start treatments when it works for them without risk of exposure. In the wake of COVID-19, Insight is helping hospitals conserve available beds and resources. They also have a fully remote operational team that working to meet the escalating need for care and have already ramped up the in-home care model.

"Now is the time for telebehavioral health. Telehealth empowers organizations to responsibly and effectively respond to COVID-19."
David Cohn
IMBA 2010

Medical Supplies

Javier Gimeno, Senior VP of Saint-Gobain and CEO of Asia Pacific has done everything to help fight COVID-19 by protecting employee welfare, as well as maintaining and increasing production of protective suits and masks in China and now worldwide. Also, Saint-Gobain C-FLEX® tubing product has been selected for the manufacturing process of CanSino’s COVID-19 vaccine.

"The vaccine is the first to enter the clinical trial phase in late March, amid over 20 pharmaceutical companies' competitive racing efforts. The C-FLEX® tubing is chosen for its excellent performance in guaranteeing aseptic transmission."
Javier Gimeno
IMBA 1989


Gustavo Fernandez-Mazarambroz, from IE’s Social Innovation department and Fernando Fernández de Córdoba Pascual (Executive MBA 2007 and PSFECR 2011), CEO of Enerbuild, launched España Colabora, a platform that features outstanding citizens battling COVID-19. Currently 142 initiatives have been listed, impacting 31 categories. Of the 64 news items published, 10 of them are news of urgent needs.

"The non-profit initiative is a platform-repository of citizens projects fighting against COVID19. It allows uploading projects by anyone, donation gateways to projects and words of support. It also has official information regarding the coronavirus as well as related news. The goal is to approach initiatives to needs inspiring citizens to cooperate from their homes."
Gustavo Fernández-Mazarambroz
Executive MBA 2014

Free Skills for Kids

João Magalhães, CEO of Ubbu, is offering free access to all parents and schools affected by COVID-19. Ubbu teaches programming and computer science to children aged 6 to 12, making these young minds ready for the future. Free and remote access to ubbu, already available for public schools in Portugal, will be extended to all schools worldwide, from grades 1 to 6, that were forced to close due to COVID-19.

"It was already a turnkey tool, online, that could be used by students at home to support the work developed at the school. With schools closed, the company decided to improve the experience of the Home School tool, to keep “kids busy in a useful way."
João Magalhães
IMBA 2011