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The New Horizons of Corporate Communications

The New Horizons of Corporate Communications | IE Business School

Corporate communications expert shares insights on navigating sector to be an attractive candidate for PR agencies.

Leticia Suárez, a corporate communications expert that has worked in some of the biggest public relations agencies in Spain, spoke to IE Business School students about her experience in this sector. She described the influence stakeholders have on a company’s reputation and how vital communicating effectively with each of them is. She highlighted the importance of one specific stakeholder: the employee.

The event was hosted by the IE Public Relations and Communications Club and most of the attendees were students of the IE Master in Corporate and Marketing Communication, with some undergraduate students interested in Corporate Communications attending as well. 

Suárez discussed the importance of corporate communications in a company. 

The New Horizons of Corporate Communications | IE Business School“In the past, companies would only focus on the financial capital, but nowadays, companies must also work a lot on their communication and reputation as they are intangibles that have been gaining more and more importance in recent years. Social and relational capitals are fundamental for a company’s success,” said Suárez. 

During the event, Leticia talked about a campaign she worked on for L’Óreal for the 50th anniversary of the company’s factory in Burgos. She highlighted how the campaign reflected  the importance of employees as a stakeholder.

For this campaign, they created an emotional video in which the employees were the protagonist; they talked about what it means to them to work at the factory and create the beauty that moves the world. They also prepared social media content regarding factory benefits and the company culture for the employees to share on their social media networks.

“Employee advocacy is a very important strategy nowadays. The employee’s voice is very important to demonstrate the company’s credibility since, in the end, they are talking about their first-hand experience with the company.”
Leticia Suárez, corporate communications expert

Suárez also gave tips on how to make your resume more attractive for communications agencies, like highlighting your international exposure as well as your previous internship experiences. She stated that attitude is very important in the professional world, “Show that you want to be there and that you are happy to help with anything,” she said. 

Attendees like Cynthia Turbides, an IE International Relations student that is interested in Corporate Communications and Public Relations, appreciated the opportunity to network and learn from a professional like Leticia Suárez. 

“Hearing Leticia’s personal experience gave me a better insight for the professional pathway I wish to follow. I was able to ask questions directly and receive her honest advice and feedback,” Turbides said. 

Sofía Restifo, a student of the IE Master in Corporate and Marketing Communication and an officer of the IE PR and Communications Club, said orienting students for  their future career pathways is one of the main goals for this type of event. 

“Our club is actively trying to add value to the IE Community by planning learning, networking and connecting events that promote the personal, academic and professional development of every student.”
Sofía Restifo, student of the IE Master in Corporate and Marketing Communication