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Professor Kriti Jain Co-authors Award Winning Role-Play Case Study

Professor Kriti Jain | IE Business School

Case Centre Awards and Competitions honors excellence in case writing and teaching.

Boost M6700: Buyer-Seller Negotiation, a role play case study written by Kriti Jain, Professor of Organization Behavior and Human Resources, and her co-authors Horacio Falcão and Heather Grover of INSEAD, has been awarded best entrepreneurship case study by the Case Centre.  The recognition is part of the Case Centre’s 30th annual Awards and Competitions, which is a celebration of excellence in case writing and teaching at schools of business, management, and government worldwide.

Kriti Jain | IE Business School

The winning case focuses on the consulting and IT industries.  It is a one-on-one interaction negotiation between “John,” a senior sales manager of high-end, state-of-the-art laptops (Boost computers), and “Cindy,” a procurement manager of a business consulting firm. Cindy has invited John to discuss his proposal to sell 50 of the latest technology computers.

In “Boost,” students find themselves playing out a situation that involves the sales and procurement negotiation of IT equipment.  Students assume a business character based on the case, absorb the personality and motivations, and practice their negotiation skills in real-time. The role-play format allows experiential learning to enter seamlessly into the classroom.

Rather than the traditional case study that focuses on something that happened in a particular company, industry, or time, Boost highlights the essentials of negotiation, something that is integral to all business managers and entrepreneurs.

“Being recognized by the esteemed Case Centre is a true honor for me as a professor.”

“Writing this case with my colleagues Horacio Falcão and Heather Grover was an enlightening experience because role-play style cases are similar to movie scripts. We were not writing a journalistic style piece that described events, conflicts, and resolutions, but creating a role-play – and this required creativity and visualization,” said IE Business School Professor Kriti Jain. “Being recognized by the esteemed Case Centre is a true honor for me as a professor; it is thrilling to know that students and professors around the world have found the Boost case valuable.”

“The 2020 Awards and Competitions mark their 30th anniversary and the 10th year of being global. We see a record number of successful female authors – now in equal numbers to their male counterparts – as well as more new winning institutions and authors than ever before,” commented Richard McCracken, Director of The Case Centre.

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