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Students Build a Roof-top Garden at Elderly Home

Students Build a Roof-top Garden at Elderly Home | IE Business School

IE Business School works with Splash Projects to give back to the community.

Hundreds of IE Business School students constructed a roof-top garden for elderly residents at the Hospital Care Center Laguna in collaboration with Splash Projects, giving the students the opportunity to become socially involved.

Working in 13 separate groups, all 250 Master in Management students participated in the 7-day event, designed to merge a team-building exercise with an act of social responsibility.

According to Stephanie Villemagne, the Associate Dean of the Master in Management, the exercise helps teach students to create the future.



IE Business School works with Splash Projects to give back to the communitySplash Projects Limited works with companies to get them involved in volunteer work on a local communal scale. The activities they organize encourage collaboration in both the learning and working environment.

For many students, this activity was the first time they had volunteered their services requiring physical labor.

Students said that the Covid-19 pandemic had caused some difficulties setting up the project, but made it even more meaningful to create an outdoor space for residents to enjoy.

Students praised the unusual teaching method that allowed them to feel like they were creating something significant.

"Practice what you say, it’s not just about the brain work but it’s also about the hand work in what you can do in terms of creating goodwill in the community and in the program."
"Students need to understand how to work in groups. What is a team? What is being a leader? How to give feedback between each other?"
"I’ve never done anything like this. I don’t know anything about construction, but now I’m assembling beams and it’s marvelous. Besides, with the crisis that we are living through, I think that it’s the least that we can do."
"It’s not only building something for a hospital, but rather having the power to generate a real impact on people who really need it"
"Instead of sitting in a classroom, we are learning while generating a change. We are studying in order to be leaders and this is the best way to put our knowledge into action."