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Tech MBA Students Meet All-Star Advisory Board

Tech MBA Students Meet All-Star Advisory Board | IE Business School

Students appreciate the direct contact with top professionals.

After the first semester of the newly created Tech MBA program, 15 students had a meet and greet with the prestigious Tech MBA Advisory Board to discuss the new program and the advantages of the curriculum.

The Tech MBA students had direct access to the 20 members of the advisory board who work in world-class companies like Google, SAP, Facebook and many others.

The advisory board ensures the Tech MBA teaches students how to address key issues challenging the industry and access the best resources. 

Advisor Ramon Baeza, Managing Director and Senior Partner from BCG, praised the Tech MBA curriculum as offering crucial insights for students looking to step into the ever-changing tech environment.

“Disruption is coming from technology which is accelerating change in every single industry.”
Ramon Baeza, Managing Director and Senior Partner from BCG

“Business people need to be literate in technology to thrive in today’s world and the IE Tech MBA is a great journey to get ready for the coming challenges from the tech revolution,” stated Baeza.

Board member Andrea Martin, Leader of the Watson Center Munich & EMEA Client Center at IBM, said she aims to help students with her years of experience in the tech and business sectors.

“I’m happy to share my experiences, hints and tips and career advice with the Tech MBA students in my role in the Advisory Board,” Martin said.

She explained that in her executive technical position as an IBM Distinguished Engineer she has dealings with a variety of technical and business stakeholders and that the fusion is important for future business leaders to master.

“Everyone who is striving to become a corporate leader cannot only rely on their business and general management skills, but also needs to gain a good understanding of technology as such, how to apply it and what the implications of its application are.”
Andrea Martin, Leader of the Watson Center Munich & EMEA Client Center at IBM

“Programs like Tech MBA are important to provide both the business and the technical foundation for our future corporate leaders – especially if they want to work in the tech sector, where they certainly need some “technical credibility” to be successful.” she said.

Tech MBA student Javier Perez applauded the program’s integral view of how business and tech merge in real life. He said a traditional MBA does not allow you to anticipate how the two worlds will interact with new developments in the future, with the TechMBA does.

“At this point, I have a deep understanding of how big tech companies chose to follow the right strategies to become so successful, how leading unicorns came up with innovative products and how tech startups are defeating incumbents by transforming entire industries,” Perez said.