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TechIE moves online and becomes a global success

TechIE moves online and becomes a global success | IE Business School

The third edition of the TechIE Conference met with great success as it was held online for the first time. IE University joined forces with some of the world’s leading tech companies and experts to discuss issues the sector is facing in such uncertain times.

Organized by the IE community, the conference that was held on May 29 was a collaboration between IE Clubs and Campus Life. Participants discussed how COVID-19 is affecting society, and how technology is helping to mitigate its effects. After all, it is this technology that allowed the event to take place.

Featured discussion panels included Disruption of Finance, Crisis Solutions and the Power of Technology; Rethink Health Care Through a Digital Lens; and How to Balance Technology, Social Recovery, and Data Privacy. All of the panels showcased the sector’s most relevant topics while highlighting how to capitalize on technology in light of the current pandemic and beyond.

Despite being held virtually, the conference exceeded expectations. Ty Tucker, an IMBA student and Co-Lead at TechIE, explained how the event enriched the organizers’ real-world experiences and resonates in many aspects of their lives.

“Our mission for TechIE is that each attendee walks away feeling inspired, educated and equipped to challenge the status quo of our tech-enabled society. We aspire to connect our audience with the business experts and leaders of today from corporations, start-ups and institutions,” she explained.

A new format brings new opportunities

The pandemic brought about what Tucker called “a huge shift in the original vision for the conference,” but she was proud of how the team was able to “swiftly regroup and strategize to implement a digital forum.” At the end of the day, the physical separation actually pushed the team closer together, and the new format offered some significant opportunities.

“We were able to cater to a larger audience due to the digital format having unlimited capacity,” explained Amrata Menon, an IMBA student and Marketing Content Co-Lead. The advantages of the format became clear with 659 people registering for the conference, with around a third of the participants coming from outside of the IE community. The organizers also saw the opportunities that the changes presented as a chance to add value to their own experiences.

“We were able to reinvent ourselves through our social media platforms by engaging our community with thought-provoking and relevant content in technology and more. We have also adopted new formats like podcasts, webinars, blogs, and mini interviews as part of our vision to have more frequent touchpoints with our community to continue engagement,” said Menon.

Her peers agreed.

TechIE Marketing Lead and BBA student, Martin Nuñez highlighted that taking advantage of digital platforms allowed IE University to host more participants than an in-person venue would allow for.

Global reach and IE community benefit

Holding the conference online also propelled TechIE onto the international stage. Not only did 3,600 participants join—a number higher than in previous years—but they came from all over the world. Attendees logged in from across Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia, greatly expanding the reach and profile of TechIE.

The team of organizers said they gained valuable insights into the complexities of putting together such an important event in a virtual format. They also learned to enhance their adaptability in the face of uniquely challenging situations.

Vania Canales-Canales—a student of the Master in Management and the Master in Visual and Digital Media as well as the TechIE Branding and Content Marketing Lead—summed up the success of the event and its value to IE University.

“As a part of a tech-forward university that values innovation, TechIE was an excellent opportunity for us to come together and organize an event that reveals the benefits and opportunities that technology can bring to society.”