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Young Alumni from Business School Enjoy Circle of Enrichment

Young Alumni from Business School Enjoy Circle of Enrichment

The first crop of IE Business School alumni to receive full scholarships for Executive Education programs praised the initiative that allows them to complete six-week online courses designed to focus on the needs of today’s business community.

“I enjoyed the program and the way it was designed by IE. I applied what I have learned for my project as a consultant in BCG,” said International MBA alum Anton Bazanin, who secured a place in the Fintech: Powering the Financial Revolution program, in which participants explore all the ways the financial sector is being positively impacted by the technological revolution.

Anton Bazanin | IE Business School

Anton Bazanin

“The cases used in the program are great. For me it definitely was the biggest insight, as such a great overview of industrial trends and best practices is really hard, if even possible at all, to get,” said Bazanin.

Bazanin wasn’t alone in his praise.

“I want to thank IE for the opportunity, this is the type of thing that as an alumni I really appreciate. Hopefully these types of opportunities will repeat themselves,” said Salma Mendoza, who completed the Fintech: Powering the Financial Revolution.

Salma Mendoza | Salma Mendoza

Salma Mendoza

The scholarships are given to Young Alumni based on the understanding they will fully commit and complete the program. Students can customize their program and organize according to their workflow and schedules. From marketing and finance to data science and leadership, the programs provide experienced business professionals with important tools and strategies for success.

“Young Alumni Executive Education scholarships were offered to the International MBA 2018 cohort, as they’re in their last year of being Young Alumni. The aim was to make their final year as impactful as possible,” explained Georgia Harris, Engagement Coordinator at IE Business School.

Key to the success of this new initiative is the Young Alumni’s pledge to invest their time in benefiting the Business School community with their unique skills and positions.

“Those awarded the scholarships agreed to give back to the Young Alumni community by either mentoring students/other alumni or giving masterclasses on what they’d learnt. We call this our Circle of Enrichment. Not only do the recipients benefit, but they also pay forward to other beneficiaries.”

Ahmed Elkomy | IE Business School

Ahmed Elkomy

The programs use a mix of discussions, case-based exercises and teamwork which enable participants to become leaders in their fields.

“One great aspect of the program is the hands-on approach to learning. There is no better teacher than doing, and with the right guidance and working in teams, I’ve been able to deep dive into the deep end of getting marketing campaigns up and running, and with good results! This has certainly been my highlight. This skillset becomes so relevant for me as I embark on transforming and turning around small to medium enterprise,” said Ahmed Elkomy, who was awarded a place in Digital Marketing, Social Media and Analytics: An Omnichannel Strategy.

Leandro Augusto de Oliveira | IE Business School

Leandro Augusto de Oliveira

Leandro Augusto de Oliveira also applauded the real-world application of the Data Science and Visualization for Business he took.

The course is designed to give me the foundations to check the data, assess quickly its quality, and take actions through visualizations. This is a professional quality that is expected of anyone, but especially the future leaders and data visualization for decision making is a quality beyond sectors,” he said. “After the course, working with Tableau is the main outcome for me. At work, we use Tableau for data visualization and I can now create dashboards for each one of my programs easily, and that’s a big win.”

Gaurav Sharma | IE Business School

Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma also was awarded the Data Science and Visualization for Business program. The program focused on preparing professionals to identify, analyze, and leverage data in order to make smart business decisions on a regular basis.

“In my current engagement I engage with Salesforce dashboards to keep track of my work on a daily basis and analyze data. I believe this course will be very helpful in helping derive a strategy from data,” explained Sharma. “I agree with Clive Humby when he said ‘Data is the new oil.’ Sooner or later your professional life will be impacted by data.”

Like other alumni, Sharma chooses to give back to the IE community by mentoring IE Business School students, specifically undergrads.

“It is a real pleasure to interact with such bright minds and help them channelize their energies to a better future. I would be happy to extend my support to our young alumni community as well.”

Gaurav Sharma