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duration11, 15 or 19 months
intakeSeptember & January
duration11, 15 or 19 months
intakeSeptember & January


Impact is about learning how to make big things happen in the real world – in the workplace and beyond. People with amazing strengths and know-how can still find themselves unable to create the impact they desire. That’s because it goes beyond just knowledge and experience. Impact comes down to who you are, how you think and how you behave when confronted by the toughest challenges in the business world: facing difficult situations, difficult problems and, sometimes, difficult people.

The International MBA is designed to equip you with the skills you’ll need to make that impact. Business is about finding solutions, and the hardest problems are the ones people will tell you can’t be solved. We’ll help you learn the critical reasoning, problem-solving and creative thinking skills needed to tackle those challenges. We’ll show you how to influence and persuade to get things done. We’ll teach you to negotiate, debate and collaborate to enable you to overcome the hurdles you’ll face. And we’ll arm you with the digital skills that underpin it all so that data becomes your ally.

Nothing creates urgency and friction like a diverse team facing a big problem on a short deadline, the kind of scenario found in the business world every day. We’ll recreate exactly those situations, in the safety of a lab where you can experiment with new behaviors, new mindsets and new ways of working, putting into practice everything you’ve learned to help you become a high-impact business professional.



To succeed in today’s rapidly changing business world, you’ll want to be sure that the skills you're working hard to develop won’t be obsolete anytime soon. That’s why the International MBA goes beyond teaching what’s happening today and focuses on optimizing the skills you’ll need no matter what the business landscape looks like in the future.  ​

A recent survey by the World Economic Forum found that if you can develop your critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills, as well as self-management skills such as active learning, resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility, you'll be well-positioned to thrive in the workplace of tomorrow. Our training in mindset, behavioral fitness and how to think for impact strengthen all those traits.

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Another survey by McKinsey suggests that social, emotional, and technological skills will become increasingly important in securing higher-wage opportunities. That's why we also make sure that all our graduates know how to use technology and data to boost efficiency and make the best decisions. ​

While it's difficult to predict exactly how emerging technologies like AI will impact the job market, experts believe that they will make work more human, rather than less. Computers may be able to perform tasks quickly and efficiently, but they are far from replicating behaviors that require social and emotional intelligence. These human skills are set to become increasingly important and workers who can combine technical expertise with social and emotional intelligence will be well-positioned to succeed in the future job market.


  • Thinking Skills

    At its heart, business is all about problem-solving. But sometimes the biggest problems aren’t that obvious, which is why our program hones creative thinking, why we challenge you to view situations from various angles and formulate the right questions. Other times, problems can seem intractable, or even impossible to solve. That’s where our focus on sharpening critical, analytical and logical thinking comes in. But the best ideas alone won’t be enough to revolutionize a business. That’s why we design situations where you’ll learn to think on your feet to manage teams and projects and where you’ll learn to empathize and persuade. How you think becomes a habit, and our program is expertly crafted to encourage your mental strengths and minimize the thoughts that can get in the way on your journey to success.

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    Behavioral Skills

    Your impact on the world will depend on moment-to-moment actions. Each one adds up to define the success of your tasks, projects and your career. Like building your muscles in a gym, your behavior can be trained to make you more productive, positive and impactful. It’s not only an intellectual exercise. That’s why we infuse behavioral awareness and fitness skills into our curriculum and put you in situations that catalyze your growth. We architect experiences that test your behavior, that challenge you to experiment with new ways of working, selling your ideas, navigating conflicts and performing. Behavior can be contagious. As a leader of tomorrow, learning how to set an example and bring out the best in others will further heighten your impact.

  • dIGITAL Skills

    Talk to any hiring manager today, and you’ll hear that business roles with impact require digital fluency. While not everyone needs to know how to code, you will need more than a basic grasp of technology. Understanding data is central to gaining an edge. In this program, you’ll learn how to properly collect, analyze and visualize data to make your case and sell your ideas. You’ll learn how to transform mounds of data into actionable insights to help you make better decisions and understand your business more deeply. No matter the pathway you choose, we’ll give you the tools to harness the power of technology and become a digitally savvy business professional.


To navigate the dynamic landscape of work successfully, you need to develop enduring impact skills that will journey with you throughout your career, undeterred by any social, digital, or economic shifts.​ This is where the Impact Skills Accelerator comes in as a crucial component of your Master in International Management that will help you develop and refine an essential and unique set of impact skills through comprehensive training. You will be able to think critically, communicate effectively, collaborate with diverse teams, adapt to change.... and really make things happen in the workplace and beyond.​

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • In the International MBA program, you will develop your thinking, behavioral, and digital skills to enable you to make a positive impact in the business world. The program focuses on developing your creativity, sharpening your critical and analytical thinking, and promoting your personal growth so you can tackle complex problems and navigate workplace conflicts. The program also emphasizes the development of behavioral traits such as collaboration, negotiation, and persuasion to enable you to work effectively with others. For organizations, technology is like an avalanche — either you get ahead of it or it will leave you stuck behind. That’s why the program focuses on building your digital fluency and teaching you how to use data to make informed decisions that drive business success. Through a combination of theoretical and experiential learning, you will develop the skills you need to kick-start a future-proof and impactful career.

  • There are over 100 student-led clubs. They can change every year, depending on student interest. They range from academic clubs to cultural, sports and arts clubs. At the beginning of each intake, there will be an on-campus Club Fair to sign up to become members or leaders of clubs, so that is when you can start participating.

  • For master’s students, classes are held at our central Madrid location, Calle Maria Molina. You can still access IE Tower facilities and events as an IE Business School student, but classes will not be located there.

  • Our IE Talent & Careers team includes experts specialized in each industry. They are well-informed about what employers in a specific sector are looking for and have direct contact with companies, employers and more. You will have a personal career advisor assigned to you, or you can speak with your preferred industry expert, meaning there is the option of tailor-made assessments for each student.