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Reinvent the World


We are a community of thinkers, doers and change leaders, who aren’t afraid to take learning into our own hands, and want to take an active role in continuously improving our lives and the world.

The beginning of the program is rooted in business fundamentals, but our students are given the edge over graduates from other MBA programs by completing courses covering entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation and sustainability topics.  After the Core Period, it is all about CHOICE, where students build experience through integrative thinking and project-based learning. The labs and elective periods allow for a truly customizable journey towards each students’ passions and goals.

You will have all the tools, know-how and support to design your own journey.  This will be an amazing ride, so let’s get started right away.  Are you ready?


Pre-Program Stage

This is completed online during the month prior to the start of the program, and is designed to ensure that all students in the cohort are at the same level on some foundational concepts when they arrive. At this time, you can also sign up for optional Spanish classes to get you ready for your landing in Madrid.


Feel the power of our electric community. Spend time getting to know your classmates and other students at IE from the very beginning of your program. Networking from the get-go will allow you to discover new insights and perspectives and explore different cultures.


Program Launch

Just before the Core Period starts and after the Opening Day Ceremony, you will participate in a week-long program orientation – an exciting experience that provides a fun, useful and outside-the-box way to start building your network and find out everything you have to know about IE. There are also some foundational classes that focus on innovation, ideation, communication and entrepreneurial skills.


Participating in a club will help you learn about industry trends, specific technologies, and career opportunities. No matter what sparks your interest, we have you covered. IE clubs are instrumental to the IE experience!


At the heart of any MBA program lies a curriculum in business management, strategy, economics and finance. In the Core Period, our International MBA blends the mastery of these business fundamentals with courses covering general management perspectives, sustainability, and ideation. At the same time, you will start your transformational journey of leadership development, the key element that gives IE students the edge over other MBA graduates.


At the start of your Core Period, you’ll have the unique opportunity to move beyond your previous experience to explore new areas and initiatives. Discover your leadership style with our  Transformational Leadership Program, take part in the Women in Business Initiative, travel abroad for an exchange and kick-off your own business with the Venture Lab.


The highly innovative Lab Period promotes a disruptive approach to business education by fostering an integrative, project-based learning experience, working with real companies on real projects. You will work with a team and a mentor at the top of their game to create a business solution in just five weeks. In the Start-Up Lab, creators will have the chance to work on their ideas. Transformers will hone their strategy and innovation skills in the Business Impact Lab; Disrupters will work with top tech companies on the TechLab and Heroes will be drawn to the Social Impact Lab. The Doers in the cohort will get right down to it by applying to an Internship anywhere in the world. 


Get the 360-degree birds-eye view of business while also focusing on what you are passionate about – it’s completely up to you. Our Elective Period offers a choice from more than 120 electives, which you can cluster based on your individual interests and career focus. We provide nine concentration areas, enabling you to use electives to complement your IMBA Core Courses and pave the way to your dream job. But perhaps you’d rather join one of our International Exchange programs and take your experience global?

You can further customize your IMBA by choosing a program extension, it’s all in your hands!

Extension options

You can also choose to extend your IMBA, deciding whether you’re ready to join the long exchange program, or whether you’d like to participate in an internship first, or even take a break. Giving you specific hands-on experience that will support your career change involving a change in industry, sector, region and/or role. You can also choose to complete a second concentration.

Start planning and discover your career path

Our Talent & Careers team will help you define a career strategy through personalized advising sessions alongside general and specific sector classes to provide you with the necessary training tools to help you understand what career you want and how to get there.


Our International MBA will give you that competitive edge you need to succeed professionally, get ahead of the competition and find your place amongst our global IE network.


These are the first steps on your longer journey effective and transformational leadership. We are here to help you navigate the twists and turns of the business world, so stay connected!


Imagine the thrill of meeting someone from a new country every weekend. Having a myriad of events to attend each night. Imagine having access to state-of-the-art technology. Having a space where your entrepreneurial creativity can thrive. With more than 132 countries represented, 6,000 students, 140 clubs and 500 events, life at IE is all this and much more. You’ll have inspiring opportunities to get involved in everything from big business and tech, to music, food and travel.


The resources are there to for your benefit. Make them your own!

WOW Room: Where we break down traditional educational models, and revolutionize the virtual classroom environment.

Area 31: A cutting-edge workspace where entrepreneurial ideas come to life.

IE Library: A center of academic exploration and discovery. A place for boundary-pushing and rule-breaking.

IEU Creativity Center: Where we enjoy what life has to offer, get inspired and practice mindfulness.

IE trading  room: Get into the world of professional money management at this home away from home for finance students.

Nurture your entrepreneurial spirit

IE’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center gives you access to investors, mentors and a worldwide network of successful entrepreneurs who can help you make your big ideas a reality. Area 31, IE’s in-house incubator, even gives you a dedicated workspace where you’ll encounter start-ups at all stages of development, and you will find a number of options and services, depending on your needs.

Social Responsibility

How do you give back? Our students may come from all around the world, but they all share a commitment to leave the world a better place than they found it. In classes like Social Entrepreneurship and Business & Environment Strategy for CEOs, students explore traditional and novel approaches to solving enduring social and environmental challenges. You will have the chance to collaborate with key players in the world of Social Responsibility, through initiatives such as:

  • Joining Net Impact, the largest student club at IE
  • Organizing events with the IE Charity Club
  • Competing in the Impact Weekend Social Start-up Competition
  • Attending or volunteering at the annual Social Responsibility Forum
  • Connecting, learning, and realizing progressive ideas for a better world at The Impact Hub

Social Responsibility

Lolita Taub

International MBA

Mehrad Jaberansari

International MBA

Andrey Pereira Florencio

International MBA alumni

Martin Boehm

Dean of IE Business School


Student Services

The Student Services office ensures that your arrival to Spain and IE Business School is as relaxed and easy as possible. Visas and other relocation necessities, such as securing accommodation, finding a doctor, or starting a mobile phone contract, can sometimes be very time-consuming and complicated, and the Student Services office is dedicated to making these things as painless as possible.

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Campus life

Outside the classroom at our school, there are more than 60 clubs for sports, hobbies, and professional interest, and we have a dedicated Campus Life office to help with all student-led initiatives. Whether you like football, photography, consulting or cooking, there are ways to come together with other students who share your interests. The most popular clubs for our International MBA students are: IE Women in Business, IE Energy Club, IE Net Impact Club, IE Private Equity and Capital Markets Club and IE Out & Allies Club

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Alumni Services

Strong alumni relations are the key to strong business relations, friendships, and lifelong learning opportunities for our graduates. The Alumni Association fosters lasting relationships among the global IE Community in order to reinforce our strong values, mission, and spirit.

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