Tech MBA - The Program

The first specialized MBA focused on the tech sector launched in Europe.

The Program: Dive deep into our specialized Tech MBA

Our one-year, full time, intensive, specialized program takes students on a profound and exciting learning journey over four terms, each with its own unique focus.

Students dive deep into an exploration of tech ecosystems through experiential learning courses, learning everything they need to make sure that not only will they not get left behind, but that they can lead the wave of change we are riding.

Our Tech MBA is a tech-centered program that blends three modules – Business Mastery, Technology Immersion and Transformational Leadership – into a seamlessly integrated program by using a three-stage integrative approach: Exploration, Action & Focus.
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Key Areas

Business Mastery

At the heart of any MBA program, whether general or specialized, lies a curriculum in business management, strategy, and economics. In the case of our specialized Tech MBA, this core is designed to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and lasting growth strategies that every tech-centric business needs in order to succeed in the current landscape, applying case studies and examples taken from the tech context from the very beginning.

Technology Immersion

This module ensures you understand the tech ecosystem, exploring the processes and challenges that underpin technological innovation, and gain the skills needed to manage within firms that are focused on tech and innovation.

Transformational Leadership

The leadership module prepares students to be leaders who can design, drive and manage change by expanding their mindsets, skills and tools, in a context in which the future of work is defined by VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). This is the glue that holds the program together, differentiating you from other Tech MBA graduates. This is the vital element that will equip you to lead the future.

Your Learning Journey: Exploration, Action & Focus

Your learning journey will ensure you acquire technology, management and transformational leadership competencies by using a three-stage integrated approach:

1. Exploration

Explore tech and business with a program of both business and specialized tech courses.

2. Action

Immerse yourself in our specific technology experiential and action learning approach.

3. Focus

Choose from electives to sharpen your business or tech knowledge.


During the core modules the focus is about 55% tech and 45% business. However the electives offered in the 4th period mean you can customize your Tech MBA to make it perfect for you. If you choose all tech electives, your percentage of tech courses by the end of the program will reach over 75% of your studies.

Our Tech Career Treks take place regularly throughout all four periods. Students spend 2-3 hours visiting a global tech company with the objective of learning about their company culture, their priorities and also learn more about career opportunities when applicable. These treks typically happen within Madrid or Barcelona.












Pre-Term Courses

FI Accounting




Digital strategy


Data Analytics

Corporate Finance

Managerial Accounting


Managing People


Data base Management

Artificial Intelligence

Software engineering


Tech Tracks Period


Tech Immersion Trips

Capstone Project

Tech Career Treks: During our Career Treks students spend 2-3 hours visiting a global tech company with the objective of learning about their company culture, their priorities and also learn more about career opportunities when applicable.

*Course schedule is subject to change.


We cover core courses in all three stages, which are completely integrated.

Also included in Periods 1 and 2 are Tech & Industry forums which take an experiential learning approach and provide a practical perspective with workshops on Fin-Tech, Insure-Tech, Edu-Tech, etc., all featuring leading experts. These lead into the next phase of the Tech MBA.


• Financial reporting and analysis
• Marketing Management
• Tech Entrepreneurship
• Digital Business & Innovation
• Managerial Economics
• Programming
• Big Data & Business analytics
• Trends in Technology Industry
• Transformational Leadership Program I 
• Career fitness


• Financial Markets
• Managerial Accounting
• Strategy for Tech-Centric Industries Leading People & Change
• Operations Management & Product Dev
• Database Management
• Software Engineering
• Artificial Intelligence
• Cybersecurity and Law & Ethics in Tech
• Transformational Leadership Program II
• Career fitness


  • TRACKS ➡

    Period 3 offers you the chance to get practical experience in specific Tech tracks – Digital Transformation, Data Analytics & AI and Digital Finance – and to join a Tech Immersion trip. In this phase you’ll bring everything you’ve learned so far into sharp focus on the main areas of digital transformation.
  • Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation

    Traditional organizations are being transformed by technology. New digital entrants are disrupting existing business models, and established brick-and-mortar companies are adapting to click-and-mortar strategies. Learn how to lead and manage these digital transitions. Develop your technology consulting skills through real-world projects with leading companies.


    Marketing Intelligence
    Digital Transformation Strategy
    Product Commercialization
    Corporate Innovation Models
    Design Thinking

  • Data Analytics & AI

    Data Analytics & AI

    Gain a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of how organizations today design data-driven strategies. Dive into the world of data science, gaining practical knowledge in a wide range of Artificial Intelligence techniques from Machine Learning, to Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing.


    Data Driven Strategy
    Natural Language Processing
    Data Visualization
    Design Thinking

  • Digital Finance

    Digital Finance

    Get a grasp on the emerging tools and technologies available to successfully tackle challenges in financial services including fintech, blockchain, big data, robotics process automation and Artificial Intelligence. Learn to design and build an automation strategy for a real company.


    Robotics process automation
    Advanced Machine learning
    Emerging techs


The elective period offers a wealth of options and opportunities to further customize your Tech MBA with an initial choice from more than 120 Elective Courses to explore based on your individual interests and career focus. Alternatively, you can opt to take your Tech MBA experience global by joining our International Exchange program with one of our world-class university partners.

Tech MBA

The 3-month elective period also offers you the opportunity to sharpen your career focus by choosing to cluster your courses within a concentration area, allowing you to use electives to customize and complement your Tech MBA core courses and pave the way to your dream job. Take half of your electives in a particular area, choosing the remaining courses from the academic areas that best fit your career objectives. Upon completion of your Tech MBA, the concentration area you have chosen will be reflected on your transcript.

Below are the 9 concentration areas that you can choose to focus on:


From core principles of private equity finance to practical experience in managing investment portfolios, this concentration can help students enter fields such as financial services, banking and risk management, and or prepare students for corporate finance positions.


A concentration in marketing provides a deep understanding of marketing strategy. From local to international environments, from B2B to B2C, students will learn to map the optimum customer journey and design strategies to match. It can help a student build a career in marketing analysis, digital marketing, brand management or E-commerce.

Technology & Innovation

This concentration will provide students the necessary knowledge about the technology ecosystem and emerging technologies. These foundations will help students find exciting positions within technology firms or pursue a career in technology management and innovation, data-driven strategy, IT consultancy and digital transformation.


This concentration exposes students to the practical realities of being an entrepreneur. From business models, to framing and validating new ventures, this concentration presents practical tools to start and grow a business, and to invest in different kinds of enterprises, including social ventures. Students can also use this concentration to take a venture idea one step closer to reality.

IE Dual Degree — Master in finance and Master in Business Analytics Big Data


This concentration will help students understand how the world works in terms of business and economics. Transferable skills in economics are sought after by a range of industries in positions such as market research analyst, stockbroker or economic consultant.


Expertise in operations makes better managers. This concentration will deep dive into operations models to increase productivity, create optimum performance levels at the workplace and forecast the behavior of the market, the customer, or the supply chain. This concentration is designed for future project managers, supply chain specialists, or operations analysts.


In this concentration, students will learn to take executive decisions from the perspective of a general manager. Students will learn how to build competitive advantage at the business and corporate levels while navigating uncertainty in a (global) business environment. Skills in strategy are highly sought after in consultancy and strategic management positions.


A concentration in accounting can help students gain a better understanding of the language of a company, becoming fluent in financial analysis, financial control, management control and managerial accounting.

Organization Behavior & Leadership Skills

This concentration will focus on the skillset needed in human resource management, leadership in changing environments, conflict resolution, and the art of negotiation and effective communication. It will delve deeper into strategic approaches to manage the firm’s most important asset: its people.


Your learning culminates in a Final Integrative Exercise in front of a faculty jury. You may choose between a Capstone Project, an Impact Project with a company, a Final Challenge or a Venture Lab Business Plan. You may choose between the following options:


It consists of offering a business solution to a real company. It's a great opportunity to personalize your Tech MBA experience, during a period of 2 months, through doing a consulting project for a company of your choice or for one of the companies on offer.


Offered only to students enrolled in the Venture Lab or Knowledge Incubator electives, students can take their entrepreneurial ideas one step further and develop a business plan for their start-up. The Venture Project has a duration of 3 months and runs in parallel with the elective courses.


It is designed exclusively for Dual Degree and Long Exchange students, that consists of providing consultancy for a business challenge. Students work on a business case during a period of 1 month, applying their MBA toolkit, to make recommendations to the client.


Embedded in the real world – Beyond the business school

At IE Business School, we will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to launch your career to the next step. To complement the rigorous curriculum of the business and tech modules and our unique focus on perfecting your soft skills for transformational leadership, we offer our Tech MBA students numerous opportunities to immerse themselves in the real world of the tech sector through networking opportunities, contact with top companies, international exchange opportunities and tech events.

  • Business Extension Module
    Business Extension Module

    Further extend your personalized learning through the optional Business Extension Module (BEM). This five- to six-month module, undertaken after completing the Tech MBA, is designed to help you focus your career goals as part of your Tech MBA journey.

    The BEM is included in the Tech MBA for students beginning their program in September. With it, you will remain an IE Business School student, continuing on to boost your employability and career prospects by gaining an extra certification in a track of your choice.

    Above all, this extension gives those students who need it even more time to fine-tune their skills. You’ll be able to focus your career search, put your skills to the test through corporate projects or internships, complete a High-Impact Online Program (HIOP) or even take part in an international exchange. And for any startup founders, the extended Venture Lab could be the defining period to ensure a successful market launch.

    The Business Extension Module allows students to choose one of the four specializations offered:

    • Consulting Track: Corporate Project, HIOP and Electives

    • Enterprise Track: Internship, Electives and optional HIOP

    • International Track: Internship or Corporate Project + HIOP and Long Exchange

    • Entrepreneurial Track: Extended Venture Lab, Electives and optional HIOP

    All four tracks feature language learning, personalized coaching and one-on-one Career Booster sessions.

    Students who opt out of the BEM will also have the opportunity to do an international exchange or internship during the standard 1 year Tech MBA program.

  • Tech Immersion Trip
    Tech Immersion Trip

    The optional Tech Immersion Trip is a unique experience that allows students to explore international companies that are centers of innovation. During this one-week trip you will discover what it’s really like to run a global tech business, and gain a working knowledge of local business practices. This will happen through lectures and dynamic sessions led by professors and industry professionals from world-class organizations, alongside visits to top companies where you analyze tech success stories through direct interaction with managers. Whether you go to San Francisco, Dublin, Singapore or elsewhere, you won’t want to miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn from the biggest players in the Tech sector.

    Possible destinations of the Tech Immersion Trip are:

    • United States – San Francisco or Seattle: Silicon Valley and the start-up capital of the world

    • Europe – Dublin, Amsterdam or Berlin: The world’s next tech hub

     Republic of Singapore – Singapore: One of the most tech-savvy smart cities in the world

     Canada – Toronto or Vancouver

    *Our Tech Immersion Trips are subject to change in every intake. Students will only travel to one destination to be confirmed at the beginning of each intake.

  • Tech Events
    Tech Events

    Many of the most successful disruptive innovations first raise their heads at international tech events and these play a fundamental role in the tech ecosystem, bringing people together and facilitating communication and collaboration amongst industry players. That’s why we support our students and encourage them  to participate in key challenges within a wide range of specialized events You can also pitch your start-up in events like these (among others): Web Summit (Lisbon), Digital Enterprise Show (Madrid), VivaTech (Paris) and Mobile World Congress (Barcelona).


  • Tech Careers Treks
    Tech Careers Treks in Madrid or Barcelona

    Your time in Spain will provide the perfect opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge of the tech scene in Madrid and Barcelona. These cities are home to the European HQs of important global tech companies, and we arrange visits to cutting-edge players such as EY, IBM, Google, Amadeus, Indra, BBVA, Accenture, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. which will give you the inside track on international careers routes.



After our Tech MBA you will be ready to:

Dive headfirst into your digital leadership career with all the tech, business and soft skills needed to successfully navigate the tech ecosystem.

Complement your STEM background and passion for tech by becoming fluent in the language of business for tech, enhancing your capacity to think and plan strategically, capitalizing on tech opportunities for both you and your organization.

Be a digital leader and get ready to disrupt and shape your environment.

Use your global network to support you as you shape the future.

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Tech MBA Advisory Board

The Tech MBA Advisory Board is made up of distinguished, internationally renowned experts from the technology sector who bring a wealth of exceptional, real-world business knowledge, experience and ideas to the program.

Meet our Advisory Board


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