Master in Talent Development & Human Resources Transform the workplace by improving people, organizations, and the bottom line.

Master in Talent Development & Human Resources

The workplace needs to be re-invented to regain happiness, well-being, and success as a virtuous cycle. This requires a new leadership paradigm, which is why this cutting-edge program uses new HR and talent development skills and technologies to design people-strategies that are strategically aligned with business objectives.

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Start date
10 Months


Students must fulfill the following requirements to be able to request the issuance of the Official University Degree upon completion of the Master Program.

Career-focused Program

HST molds students into future-forward and versatile professionals, using methodologies that put innovation and employability at the forefront.

A journey from self, to team, to organization

Find your personal passion and purpose plan, define and shape high performance teams and apply practical and integrated talent management programs.

HR tech with a purpose

Explore HR with innovative technologies and applications- new cloud platforms, wearables, and people analytics- that boost company activities and gather insights.

Unlock your High-Impact Career

This program has been designed integrating practical methodologies and the latest tools and tech, to help you lead game-changing programs and initiatives.

Learn from top academics and the real pioneers of the new digital economy

Our faculty is made up of a diverse group of academics and professionals who have revolutionized the world of HR and talent development to bring real-world expertise to the classroom.

Program Director

ProfileWim Focquet

Professor, Master in Talent Development & Human Resources

Wim Focquet

Professor, Master in Talent Development & Human Resources

Challenge I: Defining Your Personal Purpose
Challenge II: Creating a High Performance Team
Transformational HR I: The Roadmap
Foundations of HR II: Challenges in the dynamic workplace
Final Project :Creating a Talent Management Design and Implementation Roadmap

Professional experience
Professor of Transformational Human Resources Management, Digital Workplace Dynamics and Talent Development & Management, Talent Analytics
Wim Focquet is an experienced speaker, educator and consultant with a focus on talent management and coaching executives in a wide range of industries. He concentrates on helping organizations in growing their business by growing the people inside and improving the conversation with clients, employees and other stakeholders. He assists and coaches leaders to tap into their authentic self and encourages them to follow their dreams.
He is holding a master degree in Germanic Philology from Ghent University. He complemented this with a Maters degree in Management and Commercial Communications and an MBA in Marketing Management at Vlerick Management School.
Wim worked in both Sales & Marketing (until 1995 ) and HR related roles. In 2001 Wim founded his own management consultancy focusing on attracting the right people and developing their leadership skills. In 2011 he moved to Spain where he joined one of his corporate customers as Regional HR Director SEMEA, later Europe and Americas to become part of a task force aiming at optimizing the customer experience.
Currently, Wim acts as Academic Director HR and Talent Management at the IE Business School of Human Science and Technology in Madrid. His aim is to offer to a group of professionals deep knowledge of strategic HR, new organizational models, talent and first-rate analytics to turn the HR function in a key player to add competitive advantage in the new workplace crafted on the powers of positive human behaviour.
Next to this he delivers business (behavioral and sales) related coaching and training. He combines high tech solutions with a high touch consultancy approach to improve team effectiveness. He helps senior executives in dealing with complexity applying behavioral psychology, people analytics and positive leadership.

Why a Master in Talent Development & HR?

HR experts are quickly becoming key players in business strategy

HR directors now have spots in boardrooms and key decision-making circles because of the effect HR has on bottom lines.

A quickly evolving field

Between 2020 and 2025, new HR communities will emerge, specifically around labor innovation, generational intelligence, Big Data exploitation, and organizational and managerial transformation. (Orange and Mercer)

Make tangible impact

When employees are the right fit for their jobs, they’re 2.5 times more productive and have higher retention rates. (ValueBased)

Positions that didn't exist yesterday

Graduates can land new, exciting roles such as Chief Happiness Officer, Talent Acquisition Consultant, Talent Developing Expert, and Benefits Manager.


  • Morning

    Student Thomas Dodds tells us what his days look like in the program.

    “[In the mornings] a lot of professors bring in guest speakers. This one particular morning we had a Skype call with one of the executive vice presidents of one of the big oil companies in the US. She gave us a really interesting lecture about CEO succession planning.”

  • Midday

    “We don’t have set schedule. In addition to guest speakers we visit a lot of companies. We had some really interesting meetings interviewing companies. Once we spoke to the HR Director of Atento, a telecoms company. We met with him, the whole group, and saw the premises. We also had an amazing meeting with IATA in their boardroom overlooking the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and we met all the executives there. It was a project about diversity and inclusion and we were presented with all the materials and the initiatives they had about that and their work with the team there.”

  • Afternoon

    “Between classes in the late afternoon we’re usually really social. We go out for lunch or coffee, and we do a lot of activities outside.”

  • Night

    “We spend a lot of time with our group to organize projects. But we’re such a tight-knit class that when we have time to do something, we do a lot of team bonding activities. We’re very active, and we travel around in Spain. Madrid is very well located geographically for traveling.”


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