Master in Talent Development & Human Resources

The Program

The Master in Talent Development and Human Resources is a 10-month program divided into 3 terms, each addressing key areas of knowledge and skills you need for the program journey. You will learn how HR needs to support the business objectives, how to develop talent so it reaches its potential, how to lead change in organizations and how to apply tech to accelerate and optimize talent and change initiatives.



  • Strategic HR

    Understand how to leverage key facets of the new world of HR to drive real change in organizations. Learn about new organizational models, the power of culture and explore HR as a relevant business partner.

  • Behavior & Change Management

    Become the expert on human behavior and psychology and learn to develop people to achieve sustainable excellence. Get trained in positive leadership, effective communication, group dynamics and conflict resolution to become an indispensable leader of your team.

  • Talent Development & Management

    Learn to lead change in the workplace by actively enabling it through HR. Explore core topics like the talent pipeline, hiring strategy, job crafting, and performance management to strategically identify and develop human potential.

  • Integrating HR Tech & Tools

    Tech is changing the way people work, and staying on top of this evolution will set you apart from the competition. Delve into the latest HR technologies: Integrated HRIS, people analytics, well-being apps, gamification, and e-learning… Transform your career as a future-forward and innovative HR and talent dev expert.

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Real-world training requires real-world exposure

This career-focused curriculum will expose you to industry professionals and companies, allowing you to put in practice what you have learned in the classroom.

Practical, hands-on challenges

Get your hands dirty in three intensive team challenges working directly with leading experts in the field and different top global companies. Wearables will measure engagement and cohesion as well the working dynamics of each team.

Change management

Lead a complex change management journey, ensuring the human resources component is aligned with the business strategy.

Talent strategy

Design and implement a talent management strategy using the latest HR tools, gamification techniques, and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).

Merging cultures

Prepare an HR Blueprint for an international company that has acquired another company with a very different culture. Maximize employee well-being and company performance during this transition.


At HST, we believe the best way to learn is through practical, hands-on methodologies. Thanks to our strong relationship with top industry professionals, students have the opportunity to experience the real world of work in the classroom through challenges, consulting projects, and multimedia simulations, applying their knowledge as they go. Here are some of the partner companies collaborating with the program:

  • zapiens
  • metlife
  • zurich
  • abbott
  • repsol
  • deloitte
  • santander
  • seur


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The tuition for the Master in Talent Management & Human Resources is 29,200€* for the 2018-2019 academic year.

*Tuition is reviewed on a yearly basis and therefore subject to change.

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