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Transform the workplace by improving people, organizations, and the bottom line.

Future-forward workplace transformers

Our students are excellent communicators who enjoy identifying, nurturing, and channeling people’s talent. They come from a variety of backgrounds and tend to be in the junior or middle stages of their career. What they all have in common is a passion for working with people and breaking the status quo to find new and innovative ways to put the dynamic world of talent development and HR at the center of the organization.


Our Students

While our students come from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds, most of them have a background in the following areas.


These students have studied or worked in business and are looking to hone their skills in the indentification and development of human talent.

Social Sciences

Those with backgorunds in social sciences have a passion for figuring humans out. Now, they're looking to channel that energy into matching people with their perfect organization and position.


These students studied or have experience in law, and have now shifted into a new career in which they can harmonize business strategy and HR functions.

international students

nationalities represented in one classroom

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Hear from our students