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You are the change-makers of tomorrow. Take advantage of everything the IE Business School community has to offer throughout your entire journey, from the moment you begin until graduation day, and beyond.

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IE Business School students are always connecting and growing together. In tandem with the Campus Life team, you can be a part of student clubs, initiatives and events that will impact the community in a significant way. From business events to cultural celebrations, lively parties and live music, there’s always something exciting on the horizon.
Whatever you’re interested in—from sports to Big Data, art or craft beer—you’re sure to find something you love. What will you sign up for?
Whether you love playing individual or team sports, there are plenty of ways to break into a sweat at IE Business School. Students can enjoy an abundance of sports from football to basketball, and much more!

There’s always something exciting happening at IE Business School. Take advantage of our many events and chances to network with students from all over the globe, inspiring faculty members, innovative experts and top companies. Explore our events through Campus Life today!

Learning another language is paramount for success in today’s globalized world. As a student of IE Business School, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your language skills through our Language Center, or by immersing yourself in Spanish culture!

The IE Library´s mission is to meet all the educational and research needs of the academic community of IE. For this it counts on a wide fund composed by the most important printed collection and electronic resources, with online access through mobile devices, QR codes, APPs, as well as a worldwide catalogue “in the cloud” to do search and manage reserves and renewals. It offers Ipads and tablets for loan, online librarian support service, tutorials and trainings for a higher support for the users, and web 2.0 profile.

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clubs to foster your creativity and your social & professional profile
clubs to foster your creativity and your social & professional profile
events yearly on campus
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Using the latest technologies, we provide students with the support and guidance they need to thrive.


We’re passionate about empowering our students and alumni to reach their full potential. IE Talent & Careers is here for you throughout your studies—and beyond.

Everyone’s journey is different, so we provide tailored advice, learning resources and tools to help you achieve your unique professional goals. As a member of our community, you’ll have access to personalized recruitment solutions that match talent with prestigious companies and institutions around the world. Together, we’ll blaze your trail to success.


We make your future our business—and with our alumni network, you’ve got a community for life. Supporting you at every step of your career journey, we help you form lasting connections with diverse, powerful minds that have passed through the doors of IE Business School. There are countless opportunities to grow your network, seek guidance or join forces with an inspiring pool of professionals driving impact around the globe.


IE University was born as a startup, and because of that we pride ourselves on shaping and developing an entrepreneurial hub in the heart of Spain.