IEU Athletics

At IE University we firmly believe that athletic activities are an invaluable aspect of ensuring holistic education, offering students unique opportunities to be challenged as they learn, grow, and achieve excellence.

IE University Athletics offers our students the opportunity to represent IE University in a wide range of team sports and individual sports, in both competitive and recreational atmospheres. For those student athletes looking to continue developing their talent at the collegiate level, we offer our competitive Varsity Sports. For students who wish to play at a recreational level, we also offer our club sports. No matter the chosen level of activity, we firmly believe that students should lead an active lifestyle because healthy bodies lead to healthy minds.

"My experience on the IE University soccer team has been extremely enriching. Firstly, the team allows me to continue with a sport I’ve been playing competitively for the past five years. Secondly, our training sessions enhance my discipline and commitment, which are very important skills not only for the workforce, which I’m hoping to join in a couple of years, but also for life in general. Lastly, I’ve been able to build a vast and diverse group of friends, which I’ll continue creating memories with for the rest of my life."
Christian Minondo, Guatemala
Madrid Men’s Soccer Team
"Being part of IE University Athletics is a unique opportunity that I’m extremely grateful to have been able to experience. I feel very engaged with the IE University community, and organizing events and seeing students enjoying themselves reminds me why I chose to get involved. Many people like me are passionate about skiing and the ski club allows us to share our passion with others who also love the sport. My experience as head of the ski club has really helped me to grow as a person and develop my communication, organization, and management skills."
Zoé Marin Crochon, France
Segovia Ski Team
"I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of IE University Athletics because it has allowed me to compete in a sport I really enjoy. My team has become really close which further increases the enjoyment and satisfaction I get when playing and representing the university. I believe it provides a great opportunity for people to get to know students from different courses while also being able to play in a serious competition every weekend."
Jaime Fernández Valencia, Spain
Madrid Men’s Futsal Team
"The most inspiring thing when participating in IE University Athletics is the team environment—the camaraderie between teammates, coaches, and other students at IE University who are involved in other sports. For me personally, being physically active is a great stress reliever and takes my mind away from the stress of classes and exams. I also really enjoy traveling to diverse places for tournaments."
Wade Christopher Cyr, United States
Basketball Men´s Segovia Team
"Being part of IE University Athletics has taught me teamwork, patience, and sacrifice. The cheerleading team has shown me that failure comes before success, and I couldn’t be more proud of the little family we’ve created. The key to being part of such a big team is always aspiring to give it your all, bringing as much energy and enthusiasm as you can to every training session, and really getting excited about it."
Greta Ynglad , Spain
Cheerleader Segovia Team

Where to find us

IE TOWER: P.º de la Castellana, 259 - 28046 Madrid, Spain
Calle Cardenal Zuñiga, 12 40003 Segovia, Spain



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