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Master in Finance

Gain a practical professional profile to navigate today's dynamic financial landscape
duration1 year
intakeSeptember & April
Optional tripsLondon, New York, Ghana & Frankfurt
duration1 year
intakeSeptember & April
Optional tripsLondon, New York, Ghana & Frankfurt


The finance sector is constantly innovating and growing, creating opportunities and challenges in equal measure. And with the endless options available, now is the time to enhance your academic profile and boost your career to match your uniqueness in this exciting industry. The Master in Finance at IE Business School is designed to help you navigate your professional goals and embark on a career path with confidence in your purpose.​

The Master in Finance opens doors for you to gain hands-on experience with firsthand insights from leaders in the field. The IE Community is worldwide, well-connected and powerful, and our IE Talent & Careers team and experienced faculty work hard to maintain our global network. Our strong connections with financial leaders that regularly analyze job data will provide tailored career guidance and create defined roadmaps for our students. We understand that every individual has unique goals, strengths and experiences, and we strive to curate a personalized academic journey that equips you with the specific skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your next career step. Throughout your program, we will continue to support you and ensure that your education moves alongside your evolving needs and aspirations. Our ultimate goal is to help you find the best path for you and provide you with the tools to succeed.

Master in Finance
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Discover Diverse Career Paths

Investment banking & private equity

Today’s complex financial world needs professionals who can help people invest in various innovative but profitable ways. Deep dive into investment banking and hone the skills you’ll need to transition to a career in private equity.

With this specialization, you could work in: capital and primary markets; underwriting business, advisory, IPO and M&A; equity capital markets (ECM); debt capital markets (DCM); financial accounting and tax planning; project finance, leverage finance; corporate finance and banking.

Blended Methodology | IE Business School

Global Markets - Sales & trading

Take a leading role in the high-stakes world of global markets, developing and handling transactions for financial institutions, governments and corporate giants.

With a specialization in global markets, you could work in: fixed income, currency and commodities; equity; cash, derivatives and structured products; quant, algorithmic and high-frequency trading; prime brokerage services; trading clearing and settlement platforms; exchanges, clearing house and market data.

Blended Methodology | IE Business School

Asset management

Get ready to manage funds and investment portfolios on behalf of companies and individuals, growing your clients’ value.

An asset management specialization will prepare you to work in: pension, macro, value funds and traditional portfolio management; private banking; high and ultra-high-net-worth individual wealth management.

Global Executive MBA | IE Business School

Real state & alternative investments

In this volatile market, investors are looking for a surefire way to invest their money. If you are specializing in real estate and alternative investments, you could work in: directional, macro, equity, derivatives, commodities, foreign exchange and cryptocurrencies; private equity, private credit, debt, real estate, infrastructure, renewable energy and venture capital; and private banking.

Financial analytics & digital finance (Fintech)

This is the next big thing in finance: are you ready to get in on the ground floor?

If this is your specialization, you could work in: cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, big data, cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and digital assets.

Recruiters at IE University

At IE University, we’re committed to giving you the tools to drive positive impact and helping you find the right job is a big part of that. In line with this mission, IE Talent & Careers regularly invites recruiters to participate in various activities to help them connect with bold, young talent and identify the best fit for their recruitment needs. 


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of job seekers found a job within 6 months
Financial Services
Consumer, Luxury & Retail
Asia Pacific
Middle East and Africa
Latin America
North America

Banking Analyst

Credit Risk Manager

Equity Research Analyst

Investment Banking Associate

M&A Analyst

Private Equity Associate

Valuation and Modelling Analyst

Audit Analyst

Growth Equity Analyst

Companies where our Master in Finance students work

Our school’s Talent & Careers service is open to all current and former students. This department works to guide you through your IE Business School journey, giving you the best work opportunities possible.

Hiring Companies:

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We want to see you achieve all of your career goals. That’s why the services offered are available from the moment you enroll until after graduation. Our Pre-Programs aim to support you from the very first moment of your self-discovery process, expedite your labor-market readiness and help you take full advantage of your professional potential. Throughout the program, we offer you impactful advising, learning resources and development tools that will help you manage and reach your professional goals. Our employer relations team works tirelessly to generate recruitment opportunities for the IE Community. So, along with your commitment and hard work, we will support every step of your journey towards the next best you.​

Here’s how it works:

Advising & Education Services

  • One-on-one career coaching to help you navigate your career discovery process, design a solid career strategy and make sure your personal marketing materials (CV, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn) are ready to shine. ​
  • Functional, sectorial, and geographical advising to provide you with market expertise and support your go-to-market plan. ​
  • A Career Success Course, integrated into the academic journey, to provide you with the right structure and training on all career-related matters. ​
  • Ad-hoc career training: bootcamps, assessment centers, interview preparation both for technical and HR and mock exercises.

Employer Relations

  • We continuously host on-campus and virtual international recruitment opportunities in the shape of career fairs, company presentations, coffee chats, on-campus interviews and workshops. ​
  • Networking opportunities through partnering with our main employers, alumni and IE student clubs. ​


  • Top-notch and AI-powered premium career resources and tools to help you navigate each step of the application process, from researching to networking, applying to interviewing, it’s powerful support no matter what the hiring process is! ​
  • Lifelong access to our Career Portal.


Rodrigo Hurtado—associate director of finance for IE Talent & Careers and an adjunct professor at IE Business School—dives into how his team supports students, today’s finance trends, and the industry skills you’ll gain from the Master in Finance. He also offers his top three tips and tricks for a successful career.

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Explore the career journey of our students

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What can I do with a Master in Finance?

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The opportunities available with a Master in Finance are extensive, with possible career pathways in investment banking and private equity, sales and trading in global markets, asset management, real estate and alternative investments, and fintech. The program imparts a transversal skill set that will be useful in a broad range of roles.

How will a Master in Finance help my career?

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The knowledge and experience you gain in the program will help you stand out in a competitive labor market, having acquired cutting-edge skills and a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends in the sector. Furthermore, our Talent & Careers team will conne ct you with top recruiters, help you find internship opportunities and provide opportunities for you to build a global professional network.

Does a Master in Finance open doors professionally?

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With IE University’s worldwide network of over 3,500 recruiters, hundreds of leading corporate partners and exclusive connections to industry giants, the short answer is “yes.” Over 95% of our graduates find employment in the sector within three months of completing the program, proving the professional benefits of studying at IE Business School.

How much can you earn with a Master in Finance?

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Salaries vary considerably depending on where you are in the world, but in the US for example, average finance-sector salaries rose by 11% year-on-year in 2022–2023. In Europe, they rose by up to 9.3%, while in the UK average salaries for CFOs were over £100,000. Average annual salaries for senior roles in the sector in Asia, meanwhile, are over $150,000.

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