Master in Digital Business & Innovation

The Program

In most top schools, business and tech education happen in silos. Management students touch on IT and digital, but don’t get the deeper knowledge and hands-on tech experience necessary to jumpstart a real tech-centered career. And likewise, tech students in computer science and engineering don’t learn the fundamentals of business innovation. This is why HST – a school integrally linked to the business workplace – has handcrafted this degree.

It’s a unique program designed to train professionals who are both business-savvy tech experts and at the same time tech-savvy business innovators. Are you ready?



  • Speed Start month

    This intense and fun initial month** is designed to give you several building blocks critical for the Master – and you’ll be happy to have them as you build your career in the world of Digital: Programming, Data Structures, Digital Math, and Business. Fear not, our mission is for all entering students from diverse backgrounds to start the Foundations Period on solid footing.

    **Students who can demonstrate prior training/experience may request to waive one or more of the Speed-Start courses.

  • Foundations Period

    Build robust and applied foundations in two areas: Digital Tech and Tech Innovation. Gain knowledge and practical experience in the latest digital business technologies such as AI, IoT, cloud, and blockchain; and, unique to HST, you’ll learn the business innovation techniques that real companies use to design and develop their cutting edge tech, like Design Thinking, Lean, Scrum, Agile, TDD…

  • Mastery Period

    Go deep in Digital Business. Learn to develop and implement tech strategies and digital transformation plans in two core areas: Business Function Transformation, and Sector Transformation. You will learn to drive innovation in any business function, delving into topics like Digital Business Models, Marketing & Customer Analytics, Digital HR & Finance, Connected Operations, and Business Intelligence. And you´ll study best practices across sectors like Financial Services, Consumer Goods and Retail, Healthcare & Biotech, Manufacturing, Logistics, Transportation, …

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The right place, the right people

Our program is tailor-made to train the most sought-after professionals in the industry. To do this, we've created a learning environment that fosters cutting-edge and future-forward education.

Get connected

HST is part of a network of 30 global offices. That means we’ve got business connections all over the world.

Study in Madrid

Madrid is a cosmopolitan city that will prove to be one of the best parts about studying at HST in IE´s urban campus.

Join an international community

The IE community is made up of people from 160 different nationalities. You will create connections that will change your way of seeing the world.


During the program and after graduation, our Talent and Careers Department helps current students find jobs in trainee and talent programs, and helps recent grads land positions in prestigious companies that are leading the future. This is made possible by the school’s strong relationship with international corporations like Google, Telefónica, BBVA, Citibank, McDonald’s… and the list goes on.

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