The program

In order to undergo 360-degree digital transformation, companies are eagerly searching for talented professionals who know how to seamlessly bridge the gap between technology and business—but there aren’t enough of them. This is because most business degrees don’t train students in tech, and most tech degrees don’t train them in business. As a result, this mix of skills is still extremely rare. Enter the Master in Digital Business and Innovation, handcrafted by the School of Human Sciences & Technology to train business-savvy tech experts.

Student Profiles

Ready to become a disruptor? Designed for anyone seeking to become a leader in tech strategy, digital transformation, and tech-based innovation, this program welcomes students with diverse backgrounds such as:

Social and Natural Sciences
Math-Related Fields


The Master in Digital Business and Innovation equips students with crucial digital skills while also giving them the bigger picture of how digital technologies and innovation methods can be used to transform any business, in any sector.

This 11-month program, aimed at ambitious professionals with an innovative mindset, is divided into three parts:

Speed-Start Program (1 month)

Dive into an intensive initial month that ensures individuals from all backgrounds i have the essential building blocks to succeed in digital business, such as skills in programming, mathematics, and tech innovation. We guarantee that all students start the program on solid footing.

Foundations Period  (3 months)

Build robust and applied foundations in two areas: Digital Tech and Tech Innovation. Gain knowledge and practical experience in digital technologies such as AI, IoT, cloud, and blockchain; and, unique to HST, you’ll learn the innovation techniques that real companies use to design and develop their cutting-edge tech, like Agile, Scrum, and Lean.

Mastery Period (final 7 months)

Gain expertise in two areas of study: Business Transformation (Business Model Digitalization, Digital HR & Finance, Connected Operations, Business Intelligence…) and Sector Transformation (Consumer Goods, Healthcare & Biotech, Manufacturing, Transportation…). Learn how to apply digital technology to transform business functions, as well as how technology can be used to drive innovation across sectors.



Throughout this master, you’ll work in teams on consulting challenges and other practical projects in conjunction with corporate partners to generate viable tech-based innovation ideas, develop digital transformation strategies and plans, and learn how to manage transformation projects to make innovation happen within a company.





Academic Standards

Code of Ethics


The IE Community is dedicated to the promotion of ethics and integrity in the world of business.

Evaluation criteria


Students are evaluated based on the GPA on the four-point scale and using what is often referred to as a “curve” system.

Group of work


Working in teams is an essential part of the IE experience. Groups will be assigned by the academic teams focusing on bringing together students in diverse groups.

Class participation


Every class at IE is conducted as a discussion in order to bring together different points of view. Participation is key to the evaluation of students at IE.