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IE University, recognized internationally for its high-quality teaching and prestigious partnerships, enables graduates to compete for top positions globally, across all industries. We help our rich diversity of students to shape and launch their professional careers, equipping them with all the resources and skills they need to succeed in the job market of today and tomorrow.

Our unique learning environment facilitates professional and personal growth, empowering students to discover their full potential while guiding them down their personalized professional journey.

Our students develop highly sought-after profiles and are actively recruited by employers of leading corporations even before they graduate. Our extensive network and close ties with the business world offers endless opportunities, from important positions in major multinational companies to roles in smaller organizations and startups. Other students choose to develop entrepreneurial projects, either during or after their studies, building and managing their own companies.
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Work experience does not begin only after graduation. IE University students start to receive employment offers even before they’ve finished the program. While many alumni are recruited by major multinational companies, some prefer to join small and mid-sized companies or startups. Others go on to launch their own businesses. Each student can define their own career path based on their interests and goals—thanks to the program’s innovative curriculum, uniquely extensive internship program and practical methodology, no doors will be closed.


Having the chance to gain professional experience during your degree not only improves your technical formation, but gives you a global perspective of the profession.”

Real-world experience is a fundamental part of training to be an architect—the title alone is not enough. That’s why our Bachelor in Architectural Studies involves a unique and extensive internship program, ensuring that all of our students gain the necessary skills to flourish in the sector and determine the trajectory of their own career.

Second-, third-, and fourth-year students have the opportunity to work at outstanding practices, design firms, and architecture-related companies all over the world—from Studio Mumbai in India to Cloud 9 Architects in Barcelona. As a result, you will be developing your international network before even graduating, distinguishing your profile from others in your field.

You will gain over a full year of professional experience, giving you a huge advantage when entering the job market and further establishing yourself as a valued architect. Demonstrate your creative and practical capabilities, and start building your career now.



I joined Studio Mumbai to gain hands-on architectural experience in the somewhat chaotic Indian context. Studio Mumbai is one of India’s foremost architecture studios, whose work focuses on small scale projects with high-quality artisanship. Over four months in the office, I have learned about the importance of attention to detail and how trial and error can enrich projects through experimentation, making mistakes and getting feedback. Most importantly, I have learned how to respond to a highly demanding professional environment, while finding support in co-workers and the rest of the incredible team members.

IE University Undergraduate Architecture Student


Last year, I traveled to London for my internship at Eva Jiricna Architects. It was interesting to work among experienced people who guided me towards my development of “WHAT IS ARCHITECTURE”. Even as an intern, I had an office and was assigned a team.

I had the opportunity to work on a project in New York in the Museum of Tiffany Lamps. My task was to design and model the staircase and organize the sections to maintain a good distribution of the famous Tiffany Lamps.

Being involved in two different projects that mainly focused on interior design allowed me to experience one of the many fields within architecture, and it definitely gave me a clear idea of the work process and environment.

IE University Undergraduate Architecture Student


The small studio culture at Jump Studios allowed me to get deeply involved in all stages of the project, from the conceptual design phase to the hand-over. Taking part in a variety of internships throughout the Undergraduate Architecture degree at IE has taught me how to act responsibly in the professional environment and helped determine what sort of role I want after graduating. Internships are a great opportunity to travel around the world, meeting and working with different people from different environments!

IE University Undergraduate Architecture Student


My internship in Miralles Tagliabue – EMBT has opened my mind by working with a wide variety of architectural projects: open spaces, urbanism, rehabilitation, furniture design and exhibitions. It was precisely this breadth of variety that pushed me to intern there. I thought that the experience of working for a multidisciplinary studio could help me get a more comprehensive idea of the architectural world. And, certainly, it has been a great success!

When I was offered the chance to work for EMBT, I was a bit nervous. I was not sure of how helpful I would be in the office since I had not even finished the second year of my Undergraduate Studies in Architecture at IE University. However, I found it to be quite the opposite! Not only have they made me feel part of the team, but also they have trusted me to perform different tasks, such as designing furniture and creating exhibitions. They have also taken the time to instruct and guide me every step of the way. The months that I have spent working, studying and living in Barcelona have taught me that having a positive attitude and willingness towards work are essential.

The time I have spent working for Miralles Tagliabue – EMBT has enriched me as a student of architecture and allowed me to start seeing what kind of architect I would like to be in the future.



During the second semester of my second year I completed an internship at Enric Ruiz Geli’s firm (Cloud 9) in Barcelona. I was involved in the new ElBulli project for the famous chef Ferran Adrià, developing part of the 2D construction details needed for the working drawings. In 2 last months I was then in charge of making an enormous model for the Somerset House in London. In developing this model I used basic techniques combined with the most advanced 3D printing and CNC technologies, all of which I had learned at IE.

During my stay I was able to experience being involved in a huge project, and the importance of organisation and teamwork for efficiency. It was an amazing experience where I got to know a lot of professionals in many different fields, ranging from a world-renowned chef to engineers from different companies to an expert in the use of ceramics in architecture. I would definitely recommend this studio for future students as the experience and knowledge you acquire after your internship is great, as well as the people you get to know. Even today I still have a strong relationship with them.

IE University Undergraduate Architecture Student

Josephine Gillard, Woodbury University; Los Angeles, USA

After completing an exchange semester at Woodbury University, I came back to the Undergraduate Architecture program at IE University having changed personally and professionally.

Throughout my stay in the US, I was able to experience the American educational system as well as student life on campus. Woodbury University has an excellent reputation for providing quality education, evident in the architectural Design Studio course. The objective was to create a pavilion to sell produce harvested in the Urban Garden program, part of a non-profit organization called ‘Taking the Reins’ that provides at-risk girls with therapeutic experiences with horses.

Displaying the artwork and produce from our pavilion, which was built with our bare hands, engaged with those passing by as well as blending nicely into its surroundings. To increase the amount of shade on site, the structure had to be created by using lath and redwood, in both conventional and unconventional ways. It was an amazing and enlightening experience where I was challenged to integrate the interrelationships of material properties, life-cycle costs, environmental and building systems into the design development of our pavilion.

This exchange was a great way to meet people and to discover new places such as the city of Angels. After all, Los Angeles is an international epicentre for the entertainment, information, education and technology industries. I was also fascinated by how California embodies the Western American culture while also having a large and culturally diverse population.
I still keep in very close contact with the friends I made in LA and might look for job opportunities in the US once I graduate from IE.

Studying abroad gave me a new outlook and perception on life and other cultures, and I hope that other students get the same opportunity to experience a unique education abroad.

IE University Undergraduate Architecture Student


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Our students have completed internships and developed real projects with some of the most prominent names in the world of architecture and design such as: