"Entrepreneurship to me is about my experience with it: creating my own business."

Letizia, Spain

Bachelor in Architectural Studies

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Letizia Caprile

About me

While many things have changed during my educational and professional journey, one thing has stayed the same: my belief that the human element is key for real success. That is why I chose IE University. I saw that their programs encouraged me to grow academically while allowing me to advance professionally—all while never discounting who I am as a person. As a student of the Bachelor in Architectural Studies, I had a tutor who inspired me to leave my comfort zone and capitalize on unique opportunities that took me to the UK, Chile, India, and Oman, where I grew as an architect, a student, and a person. These experiences have been the cornerstones upon which I founded Kaura Studio. At the end of the day, I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow at IE University.

Letizia Caprile, Spain


Undergraduate student

Over the course of her five-year journey as an undergraduate student in IE University’s Bachelor in Architectural Studies, Letizia has grown not only academically and professionally, but also personally, thanks to the people she met in the IE University community. She highlights the tutor she had who encouraged her to try new things—a move that took her to four different countries to enhance her outlook as an architect and as a person. The projects that she worked on in the UK, Chile, India, and Oman ranged from private residences to social housing and real estate development.

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Based on these academic, professional, and personal experiences, she saw that “human contact and human moments really make a difference.” These personal values were her inspiration when founding Kaura Studio—Spain’s first experiential architecture firm. What’s more, Letizia says that IE University stood out to her because she saw just how much she’d be able to apply her classroom learning to her professional endeavors. To this end, Letizia is also a consultant at LKI Real Estate Value where she focuses on retail and residential development consulting, and shopping center diagnostics, among other fields.

“One of the reasons why I chose IE University was mainly because I was able to practice alongside my degree.”

When she’s not disrupting architecture, Letizia loves to let out her creativity in the kitchen. She is a passionate cook, and has even been trained by Le Cordon Bleu. Whether it’s architectural expertise or her proven entrepreneurial experiences, it’s clear that Letizia knows the recipe for success.


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