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Ruxandra Iancu-Bratosin

About me

I began my studies in Bucharest, where I completed a degree in architecture. I then went on to study my master’s at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. I’ve always been interested in seemingly incompatible concepts, like programming and painting, and it was during my time in Barcelona that I realized I needed to follow my own path. While I never originally planned to become a teacher, as soon as I saw how rewarding the profession is, and how I could become a part of my students’ journeys, I knew that it was the role for me. Then, after moving to Madrid, I knew I had to take advantage of the opportunity to work at IE University’s School of Architecture and Design. Here, I have been very fortunate to channel my passions in order to create change and impact the world around us. I also make sure I make time for my personal interests, which include birdwatching, empowerment workshops, and yoga.

Sparking change through design, friendship, and skill sharing

Her pursuit to share her broad range of skills and passions within different communities around the world has allowed Ruxandra to become a real inspiration to both the students and professors at IE University. Furthermore, her unmatchable determination to motivate those around her, paired with her eclectic range of interests, has led Ruxandra to bring her boldness and fearlessness into her position at IE University.

Ruxandra found her ideal path at IE University, where she is currently Associate Professor at IE School of Architecture and Design. Here, she is able to encourage her students to carve their own unique journeys and motivate them to use their passion to spark change for others around them. Ruxandra is also the co-founder of a multifocus design studio called 50(Super(Real)) where she is able to align her interests alongside her work. She considers her co founders to be her second family, and really values being able to work with interesting people and fuse friendships, passions, and work together. This determination and enthusiasm is what allows Ruxandra to inspire her students at IE University, all of whom emulate her philosophies in the classroom.

For Ruxandra, the happiest day of the academic year is when the students have the opportunity to present their final presentations and celebrate their successes together. Nonetheless, when Ruxandra isn’t working, she can be found practising yoga, participating in empowerment workshops, embarking on digital explorations, or birdwatching—sometimes after a long, uphill trek.

Mostly, she loves to travel to large communities around the world, share her skills, and tackle local issues such as water usage or education. Driven by the goal of helping communities overcome these issues, she finds her fulfillment in using her skills to change these communities for the better. Ruxandra also enjoys traveling to remote islands on the lookout for rare birds. She is intrigued by both their beauty and social behaviors—the way that they develop rituals, devote themselves to their life partners, and the way that they charm each other through dance and song. She believes that we can learn a lot from this self-sufficient species.

"Some of the things I’ve learned in my life, and which I try to pass on, is how to embrace the little failures and frustrations that come with the design process, to enjoy the freedom of experiment, and to be bold and fearless."
Ruxandra Iancu-Bratosin

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