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Neringa Kalpokaite

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I have three great passions that have shaped me into the person I am today. The first of them is leadership, because I consider good leadership skills to be crucial for our professional lives as much as our personal lives—a good leader knows not only how to speak to others’ minds, but also how to touch their hearts.

My curiosity for leadership led me to discover my second passion: qualitative research. After all, how can we understand leadership without carrying out research that allows us to make sense of its rich complexities? I explored leadership by conducting interviews with the main political leaders of Spain and Lithuania, and collaborating with Harvard University as a visiting researcher. Then I moved my focus to business leadership, by interviewing the most effective CEOs of IBEX35 companies. The purpose of this research was to contribute knowledge to successful leadership styles in Spain, and elaborate practical suggestions to foster these skills in young leaders.

Neringa Kalpokaite
Professor of the Bachelor in Behavior and Social Sciences

"I am always driven to provide rigorous research, high-quality teaching, and personalized support to those who need it—to continue learning and growing, and likewise help others do the same."

Neringa Kalpokaite

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Dr. Kalpokaite is an expert in organizational behavior, especially in leadership and effective public speaking. She completed her PhD in organizational and social psychology at the Complutense University of Madrid, for which she received unanimous cum laude recognition.

Over the past 15 years, she has dedicated herself not only to conducting qualitative research on leadership, but also providing training and support to others. Teaching is her passion; she has been teaching organizational behavior at IE University since 2012. She is honored to teach students with such different aspirations, ideas and expectations, and enjoys an environment defined by its international outlook and rich diversity.

In 2015 she received the Best Professor of Psychology award at IE University and in 2016, 2017 and 2018 she received the award for teaching excellence in Organizational Psychology and Qualitative Research.

Moreover, she is the founder and CEO of NkQualitas, which provides professional training and consultation services for more effective leadership, public speaking, and qualitative research. She’s also collaborating with software developers ATLAS.ti as their Manager for Europe (training and partnerships).

As founder and president of the International Institute for Charismatic Leadership, she aims to foster charismatic leaders by providing a diverse space for continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and creating new ideas and trends in society’s leaders.

She is regularly invited as a guest speaker at various academic and governmental institutions, including the Higher Council for Scientific Research, Harvard University, and the Spanish Ministry of Education. Her recent accomplishments include publishing research on a new framework for understanding political leadership (based on personal interviews with the most important politicians from Lithuania and Spain, including King Spain Juan Carlos I of Spain and the presidents of Lithuania, Algirdas Brazauskas and Vytautas Landsbergis).

She has also published research on teaching organizational behavior and qualitative research, and continues to expand and refine her knowledge through research. She regularly presents at and collaborates with international conferences, meetings, and at the Harvard Club in Spain.

Although she loves teaching and conducting research, underneath all lies a great passion and curiosity for getting to know the world. She likes to travel a lot to experience new cultures, food, landscapes, and meet new people. Learning about others also helps Dr. Kalpokaite get to know herself. She was born and raised in Lithuania, but completed her studies in Spain and the USA, and now she is raising her own family in Madrid. Whenever anyone asks her where is she from, the answer is not even clear to her anymore, but she is sure she is a citizen of the world. She especially likes taking backpacking trips and makes an effort to travel every year and to find new adventures. ¨Travelling is such a wonderful way to learn new things and gain novel perspectives, from understanding the many nuances of human behavior to discovering new recipes that I can prepare at home for my family. ¨ Dr. Kalpokaite shares. Even when physically travelling to another place is not feasible, she enjoys watching historical films and shows to continue learning from others’ experiences. She believes that travelling is one of the best ways to grow personally and professionally, and she always aims to transmit the value of open-minded curiosity in her teaching and research.

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"I am always driven to provide rigorous research, high-quality teaching, and personalized support to those who need it—to continue learning and growing, and likewise help others do the same."

Neringa Kalpokaite