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Isabel Nicole Limpo

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I love the history of buildings and the stories they tell, so it was really important that I studied somewhere I could explore. The IE University degree in Segovia is perfect for me because I am surrounded by so much history and it’s all reflected in the architecture. One of my favorite pieces of architecture in the Philippines is the San Sebastian Chapel in Manila. It’s like a manifestation of this dialogue between international perspectives and that’s what I love and that’s what I feel I can gain from studying at IE University. I’m also extremely active outside the classroom, and the fact that there are so many clubs and activities is a big plus for me. I’m able to keep up with my boxing, practice violin, and take part in a theater group.

Isabel Nicole Limpo
Undergraduate student
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Bachelor in Architectural Studies
Isabel Nicole Limpo- Student Story Bachelor in Architectural Studies | IE University

"One of the things I love about studying at IE University in Segovia is that all the things we learn in history about architecture, we can see it and live it because it’s all around us."

Isabel Nicole Limpo

Isabel Nicole Limpo knew when she began her architecture degree at IE University that she wanted to live somewhere where she would be inspired by her surroundings. So it was a no-brainer for her to study at the campus in Segovia, a city featuring an ancient 818-meter aqueduct right in the heart of the urban center, the most impressive Roman structure in Spain. Crowned a World Heritage Site by the UN in 1985, the city is also packed with medieval and Moorish structures, from Disney-like castles to monasteries and mosques, ensuring Isabel is never out of inspiration.

Isabel Nicole Limpo- Student Story Bachelor in Architectural Studies | IE University
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Coming from the Philippines, Isabel was also looking for a truly international campus where she could meet people from around the world and discover different international perspectives. The Segovia campus was a perfect fit for her, welcoming students from over 130 different countries and being just 20 minutes by train from Madrid, one of the biggest cosmopolitan cities in Europe. The huge diversity of the student body opens up endless discussion and conversations in surprising and thought-provoking ways.

Outside of her studies, Isabel was attracted to IE University for its extensive range of clubs and activities. She began boxing a couple of years ago and finds it really important to have a sport where she can channel her stress and tension. She has also been playing the violin since she was nine and it has been really important for her to be able to express her artistic side when she is not hard at work. She has been able to join clubs to continue both, while also taking part in a theater group.