Master in Corporate Communication

Communication + Management. The program provides the latest skills in communication with a strategic, managerial and analytical approach. Once you complete the program, you can achieve managerial positions in branding, marketing communication, public relations, reputation management, advertising management, public affairs, stakeholder management, as well as internal and external communication.

  • Intake October
  • Language English
  • Format Full Time
  • Duration 10 months

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We live in a fast-changing environment where companies are in continuous transformation as they merge, de-merge and new ventures are created. Not to mention that the digital media revolution has created new corporate challenges, forcing companies to reinvent the way they operate. In this landscape, organizations need to: (1) be ready to rapidly adapt to the latest trends; (2) magnify its reputation and brand; (3) create value and cultivate relationships with offline and online stakeholders.

The MCC as your way forward

The Master in Corporate Communication satisfies three main needs of today’s communication industry:

1. UPDATE NEEDS: due to the digital revolution, corporate communication is constantly evolving. With the knowledge acquired in our program, you will learn to implement the latest practices and become critically aware of the need to anticipate future developments in the profession.

  • A crisis exploded online and went viral in few hours, how can I prepare my team for next time?
  • I have to develop a social media strategy, but how do I start?

2. PROFESSIONAL NEEDS: when a financial crisis takes place, companies tend to cut funds in marketing and communications. By learning in our program how to develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), you will be able to show the value added to the company through communication initiatives.

  • How can I show the value of my communication and marketing plan?
  • How can I measure reputational risks?

3. CAREER SHIFT: your profession might be going through critical times and you might like to reinvent yourself as a corporate communication professional.

  • I have passion for communication and corporate social responsibility, how can I make a shift in my career?


    Excellent faculty: international professors who are working in director positions in the corporate communication field or who are recognized academics.

    Incredible experience on campus: thanks to 1) the network you can create in IE clubs and with students from other programs, 2) #IEComm Talks and other IE conferences you will attend, and 3) due to IE’s location in the heart of Madrid.

    IE’s international prestige: sealed on your resume thanks to the top global university rankings that IE leads.

    Multicultural environment: IE has more than 90 nationalities on campus.

    Alumni network: you will be part of the life-long alumni global network comprising over 46,000 former students in more than 100 countries.

    IE’s innovative and practical approach to learning: focuses on real-world projects, case studies, multimedia simulators, debates, team projects and the most innovative corporate communication tools used in this industry.

    Latest trends in communication: this program has been designed with the help of an Advisory Committee that consists of top international figures from the communication field, ensuring that all the sessions are based on the latest market trends and on the needs of today’s employers.

    Business management + communication skills: students will integrate the latest research within the communication field, with managerial and analytical knowledge taught by professors of IE’s top worldwide Business School.

    Career Management Center: you will count on the guidance and assistance of IE’s careers professionals.

    Bologna-compliant program: you will obtain an official degree certification.


    Increasing corporate value in today’s complex digital world through reputation management and communication with stakeholders


    Digital and Global Context 20%

    Business and Management 29%

    Strategic Communication 41%

    Analytics and Research Methods 10%

    One pager


      TERM 1 – October to December TERM 2 – January to April TERM 3 – May to July
    Digital and Global Context
    • Globalization
    • New Media Communication and Business
    • Cultural Industries and New Technologies (1)
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Cultural Industries and New Technologies (2)
    • Public Affairs
    Business and Management
    • Strategy
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Ethics and Corporate Governance
    • Coaching (1)
    • Team Work
    • Networking in Professional Career
    • Careers: Personal Branding and Employability (1)
    • Coaching (2)
    • Strategic Marketing
    • Careers: Personal Branding and Employability (2)
    • Design Thinking
    Strategic Communication
    • Social Media and Community Management
    • Internal Communication and Change Management
    • Communication Abilities
    • Strategic Sponsoring
    • Issues, Crisis and Stakeholder Management
    • Branding and Reputation Management
    • Branding and Corporate Identity
    • Media Relations and Media Training
    • Communication Management and Consulting
    • Advertising Management
    • Internal and External Communication
    • Visual Storytelling
    • Visual Communication Workshop
    Analytics and Research Methods
    • E-Audience Measurement
    • Research Methods in Communication
    • Final Project

    Course description


    After the MCC students completed a survey to see where are they currently working, 91% of the MCC stated that they found a job during the first 3 months after graduation: 62% of the class is working in Europe, 10% in North America, 19% in Asia & Middle East, and 10% in Latam.



    Companies are now in search of:

    • Analytical minds: understanding context and anticipating how society evolves.
    • Trend spotters: open minded people who constantly update themselves.
    • Innovative minds: people who think “out of the box.”
    • Facilitators: breaking the “silent silos” that cause credibility issues and gaps.
    • Business experts: measuring intangibles and produce KPIs in communication.
    • Champion networkers: first brand ambassadors that inspire others.
    • Coherence creators: delivering corporate messages in a coherent way.
    • Coaches: becoming the CEO’s alter ego when you reach the top communication level.
    • Communication Strategy
    • Public Relations
    • Crisis and Issues Management
    • Marketing Communication
    • Branding
    • Online Communication
    • Public Affairs
    • Reputation Management

    Sample of Positions:

    • Global Reputation Manager
    • Risk and Crisis Communication Manager
    • Senior Marketing Communication Manager
    • New Media Strategist
    • Community Manager
    • Brand Manager
    • Corporate Communication Officer
    • Head of Campaign Unit
    • Director of Corporate Affairs
    • Online Marketing Director
    • Head of Public Relations and Media Relations
    • Head of Internal Relations
    • Social Media Manager

    Career Management Center


    • Professional experience Junior or middle.
    • Balanced life Can invest 1 full time year for education.
    • International background 76% of the MCC students at IE are international and more than 24 nationalities are represented in the class.
    • Interested in Psychology, economics, sociology, political science, business, marketing, communication, arts & humanities.

    Student Profile

    Saskia Kristina Schupp, Germany

    Brand Manager, LEGO - Consumer Goods, Toys

    The program allowed me to deepen and expand my knowledge in the Brand Management field through its comprehensive and hands-on learning methods.

    Valentina Casas Ortiz, Venezuela

    Corporate Communication Specialistm Banesco Banco Universal – Banking and Finance

    Having a group of people from diverse professional and personal backgrounds with experience in many different countries and areas, who also share a passion for good, effective and transparent corporate communication is a delight.

    Hussein Itany, Lebanon

    Communication and Digital Media Strategist, UFC Services

    I think that doing the Master’s in Corporate Communication at IE is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. It didn't only allow me to grow professionally, but also as a person. The MCC also helped me able to develop a "global citizen" mind-set. I truly believe that even if your future career is not in communication, still doing this master’s would be valid because it adds value that is priceless for every professional who is seeking to be a future leader and global citizen in both the business and social world.

    Greg Dost, USA

    Senior Consultant, Deloitte Consulting - Strategic Consulting

    Above all, the program gave me a better appreciation for how to bring a more academic mindset into my work. In particular, I’ve found myself regularly and directly applying research skills, convention challenging techniques, case study methods, and much more of what I learned with different subjects in the program.

    Kyle Fiore, Canada

    Strategist Planner, Leo Burnett, Consulting - Marketing/Advertising

    The intense and quick-paced environment of the Master in Corporate Communication facilitated my career switch into the world of advertising.

    Explore the portfolio of some of our students


    Jade Abecassis, Lola Garralda Monereo, Killian O Keeffe, Alejandra Rojas Bandini, Yamila Schillaci, Theresa Schramm, Alvaro Troyano de Loma-Ossorio


    Amila Schillaci


    Yamila Schillaci, Dali Akl, Laura Castro, Martha Gomez, Serim Otuzbiroglu


    Adriana Joseph, Camille Rieme, José Maria Sabater Toròntegui, Marta Gomez Lainez, Shanshan Fu, Rosa Casoni, Paulo Bischof


    Clara Rosales Insausti, Beatriz Prioste Rocha, Anna Frederike Rohr


    Jade Abecassis, Shaikhah Alawadhi, Paulo Francisco Bischhof, Gabriela Castillo, Catherine De Fazio, Mariana Gutierrez, Juan Ricardo Perez Escamilla


    Jade Abecassis, Shaikhah Alawadhi, Paulo Francisco Bischhof, Gabriela Castillo, Catherine De Fazio, Mariana Gutierrez, Juan Ricardo Perez Escamilla


    Martha, Isa, Rosa, Mila, Yash, Camila, Chloe & Serim

    The IE Methodology

    Students are not only the center of our concern; they are the essence of this program. We choose them because they think differently and we know they are going to be the leaders of tomorrow.

    40% Lectures

    10% Seminar-style discussions and presentations

    20% Role-Playing (debates,client-consulting)

    30% Practical and creativeworkshops and management case studies

    Apply what you learn


    IE’s innovative learning methodology focuses on active-learning using case studies, multimedia simulations, class debates and team consulting projects with real clients in the corporate communication, visual and digital media fields.


    That include full-time academic professors, as well as faculty-practitioners who are working in senior positions in corporate communication, branding, visual/digital media and management.


    Designed in conjunction with industry professionals and based on the needs of employers.


    Spans all of IE Schools and provides students with a rich source of new ideas and perspectives. Our students can also attend #IEComm Talks organized by IE School of Communication, with top international professionals that work in the Communication, Marketing and Visual/Digital Media industry.


    Apply now


    At IE, we seek dynamic, motivated, creative candidates with excellent professional and/or academic backgrounds who have the potential to develop the interpersonal and leadership skills demanded in today’s top professionals. If you think that the program you selected is right for you, you can learn more about how to apply, how to finance your program and the next steps you need to take to join us through this link:

    For more information about the program or the admissions process, please contact:

    Carla Szemzo
    Departamento de Admisiones
    IE School of Communication


    To be considered for admission, a candidate should provide the following:

    • Evidence of completion of a bachelor degree from an accredited university
    • One-page CV
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • Official university transcripts (certified translation into English or Spanish)
    • English language certificate for non-native English speakers (Cambridge Proficiency, TOEFL, IELTS, EOI). A certificate is not required if you completed an undergraduate degree in English
    • Photocopy of current passport
    • One passport-size photo
    • Duly completed application form, including all supporting documents
    • Application fee 125€ (non-refundable and payable by credit card or cash)


    The process is divided into three steps:

    1. Submission of application form and documents
    2. Personal interview
    3. Final decision


    The tuition for the October 2014 nintake of the Master in Corporate Communication is 21,200€. To reserve a place, prospective students are requested to make a deposit of 5.200€ (4,000€ + 1,200€ contribution to the IE Foundation) that will be deducted from the total tuition fee.



    IE Financial Aid Department currently offers a range of scholarships, loan agreements, and other financial aid options to help you fund your studies in the Master in Corporate Communication. We recommend that you apply for financing options as early as possible, as financial resources are limited and competition is high!

    In addition to general scholarships, several specific scholarships are available for outstanding candidates:

    • Scholarship for Communication Professionals
    • Scholarship for Digital and Visual Media Professionals

    For more information on financial aid options for this program, please visit our Financial Aid website.


    IE has agreements with several banks which have devised plans specifically to accommodate your needs. These conditions are:

    • Loans available to cover up the tuition fees (except the Place Reservation fee).
    • Loan repayment period of up to 8 years.
    • Up to 18 months capital grace period.
    • Variable interest rate based on mortgage rate index.
    • The final decision on loan approval and any conditions it may be subject to, is made by the bank in question according to their own predetermined criteria.

    Once accepted onto an IE program, any student may send their loan application directly to IE. If you should have any queries please contact us at:


    Students who have arranged full or partial funding from an employer or third party must return the signed Corporate Financing Form filled out by their sponsor to the Admissions Department, from whom it is available.

    Want to learn more? We will be glad to help you.


    Associate Director of Admissions and Advisor


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    By format

    • face to face
    • virtual events

    New media communication and business

    Start a master’s program but have no time to devote a whole year to study because of personal or professional responsibilities, we invite you to join our program, which is designed to provide managers with the latest skills and techniques to optimize performance in the communication field.