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Global Executive MBA

duration20 months
locationOnline + Residentials in Madrid, Oxford, Singapore and Los Angeles
duration20 months
locationOnline + Residentials in Madrid, Oxford, Singapore and Los Angeles

Become a global leader ​

The business world is forever evolving – there has never been a more exciting time to not only be a part of the C-Suite but also lead its next chapter. But moving up to that level is a daunting task that requires not only the right knowledge but also the drive to make it happen. If you have the latter, IE Business School will help with the rest, making you central to your personal and professional reinvention. The Global Executive MBA will put you in the right place to think and act with a truly global mindset, knowing when and how you need to rethink your business model with creativity and boldness. The integrated curriculum covers global business from every angle, and with the help of an executive coach and a career coach, you will learn how to overcome challenges in generating profitability, innovate more readily, and collaborate more effectively to make things happen. ​

From day one, the Global Executive MBA will challenge you with the latest thinking and best practices across marketing, finance, decision-making, and leadership. More than that, the program offers students a depth of knowledge and the vision to become global leaders. The Global Executive MBA is a personalized transformational journey that leverages your strengths, experiences, and ambitions to scale up your professional footprint and propel you to the pinnacle of your career. Most importantly, the in-person residential period, which spans three continents, will offer you the insight and real experience needed to make that leap to C-Suite success.


A personal and unique experience... ​

The Global Executive MBA offers a personal touch that is integral to the success of both the program and the students. The Personal Advisory Program will offer you an insight into your own personal leadership style in a way that will be vital to your learning development. As well as identifying your strengths and weaknesses through several personalized surveys, an experienced and trained coach will guide you through the proven methodology. ​

The Personal Advisory Program is the foundation of your development at IE Business School and beyond. The practical and analytical process that gets you ready for your next chapter, putting in place the mechanisms and learning experiences needed to help you achieve your goals – wherever you are in the world.

Global Executive MBA student during a class

...for future global success ​

In addition, the Global Executive MBA's residential periods will not only give you first-hand knowledge and experience of the real world you are about to embark on but will additionally offer you the truly global perspective needed to mobilize the C-Suite. Being successful in business in the 21st Century involves knowing how to make deals, negotiate, and network with other business leaders across the world. The four residency periods, spanning three continents, will be the grounding you need to be ready for your next career step.


Personal Advisory Program​

The Global Executive MBA program offers two coaching streams during the Personal Advisory Program designed to complement each other in driving your personal and professional development.​

Leadership coaching

In the Leadership track, you’ll work with a coach one-on-one to strengthen a specific set of leadership abilities. Inspired by Marshall Goldsmith’s proven coaching techniques, you will meet with your coach at a specific point in the program to establish and measure personal and professional milestone accomplishments.

Career Coaching ​

In the Career Track, you will work with a coach from the global organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry Advance to help executives and high-potential employees determine their next career move and how to get there. This includes an unlimited number of sessions for a year, access to the KF platform, AI mock interviews and feedback, and the KF Advance Job Bank.​

Image CEO Challenge​

CEO Challenge​

The Global Executive MBA's unique CEO challenge is an opportunity to put into practice all the knowledge and insights learned in the modules throughout the program. 

The key part of the CEO challenge at IE Business School is that it represents a real challenge from a real company and will require students to step up their leadership skills and showcase what they can do in the real world. With the help of an assigned coach, you will work together in teams to tackle a chosen issue head-on and resolve the problem as if you were doing so in the C-Suite.

But that is not all – once you have reconciled the issue, you and your group will present it to an executive stakeholder, where you will be assessed for a client. The feedback you receive will no doubt be invaluable for your future success.

Image Company visits​

Company visits​

Another unique and important element of the Global Executive MBA program is the company visits that students can take advantage of during their residential periods at four universities spanning three continents.

You will visit different companies during your periods at IE Business School, Oxford University, Singapore Management University, and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), which will allow you to explore their successes and apply them to your learning.

As well as being educational, these visits offer a first-hand glimpse into the world that you will one day lead. Their placements are planned perfectly so that you can maximize your learning in the field. After all, being a C-Suite success story requires the ability to watch, listen, and learn before leading the charge yourself.

Singapore Management University Residential​

What better place to take your first truly global step into the dizzy heights of the business world than in the strategic nerve center of Asia Singapore is one of the most innovative and influential business hubs in the world’s largest continent, and at Singapore Management University you will gain an Asia-specific regional perspective and insights, as well as explore financial services trends and the vibrant world of HealthTech innovation.

As with all the residential periods, you will take part in company visits and meet executives and leaders in the real world to help you gain hands-on experience working in Asia. Additionally, you can take advantage of invaluable networking with IE Business School executive alumni who are in the unique position of not only knowing what you are going through but are also exactly where you strive to be.


We want to see you achieve all of your career goals. That’s why the services offered are available from the moment you enroll, throughout the program and even after graduation. Our Pre-Programs aim to support you from the very first moment of your self-discovery process, expedite your labor-market readiness and help you take full advantage of your professional potential. Throughout the program, we offer you impactful advising, learning resources and development tools that will help you manage and reach your professional goals. Our employer relations team works tirelessly to generate recruitment opportunities for our community. So, along with your commitment and hard work, we will support every step of your journey towards the next best you.

Here’s how it works: ​

Advising & Education Services

  • One-on-one career coaching to help you navigate your career discovery process, design a solid career strategy and make sure your personal marketing materials (CV, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn) are ready to shine. ​
  • Functional, sectorial, and geographical advising to provide you with market expertise and support your go-to-market plan. ​
  • A Career Success Course, integrated into the academic journey, to provide you with the right structure and training on all career-related matters. ​
  • Ad-hoc career training: bootcamps, assessment centers, interview preparation both for technical and HR and mock exercises.

Employer Relations

  • We continuously host on-campus and virtual international recruitment opportunities in the shape of career fairs, company presentations, coffee chats, on-campus interviews and workshops. ​
  • Networking opportunities through partnering with our main employers, alumni and IE student clubs. ​


  • Top-notch and AI-powered premium career resources and tools to help you navigate each step of the application process, from researching to networking, applying to interviewing, it’s powerful support no matter what the hiring process is! ​
  • Lifelong access to our Career Portal

Get to know the stories of our alumni

Executive MBA almuni are changemakers equipped to bring positive leadership to their companies and industries. Read their stories below to discover how the program has shaped their careers - and what studying at IE Business School could do for you.

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What career services are available throughout the Global Executive MBA?

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The Global Executive MBA program includes the option for students to work with a global consulting team which includes 12 months of support and career coaching with an international firm. Our Talent & Careers team also has industry experts who will be able to guide you whether you are looking to change industries or advance in your career.

How will the Global Executive MBA impact my career?

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The hands-on program showcases your skills in real time, leveraging the expertise of your classmates and professors as you work through the 20-month program.

Are there opportunities to change careers during the program?

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Thanks to the blended format of the program, you have the flexibility to change careers throughout the duration of the program and take advantage of the guidance of our Talent & Careers, the faculty, and the companies you work alongside during the residential periods. It is common for students to transition into new companies or positions during their studies.