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Francisco Cruzado Perni | IE University

Francisco Cruzado Perni

About me

I was born and raised in Valladolid. From a young age, I’ve been fascinated with computers, playing games and experimenting by automating small tasks. As I grew older, I realized I could turn my love of computers into a career. I began studying Computer Science & Engineering at the Universidad de Valladolid before leaving my beloved city to finish my degree at Sligo’s Institute of Technology in Ireland. Returning to Spain, I lived in Madrid for many years then moved to Alonsotegi in the Basque Country, surrounded by hills and close to the sea. While developing web applications, I discovered a love for collecting, organizing and displaying data. There’s something about handling large amounts of information in a simple and efficient way that really interests me.

Francisco Cruzado Perni
Professor, Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media and Master in Visual and Digital Media

"I strongly believe that the key to success is learning from our failures. Every time we fail, we need to collect that information and use it to improve our processes."

Francisco Cruzado Perni

Unlocking the potential of data in all aspects of life

Francisco’s career path shows the diverse opportunities open to a tech and data professional in today’s world. As an IT consultant he has worked in fintech, the public sector and in investment, which has provided him with a broad set of insights. The majority of his experience is in the financial sector, where the accuracy of market data, analysis and representation is critical.

Francisco is currently a Development Architect at AnalyticAlways, where he creates software for the retail sector. His team is made up of developers, UI/UX experts, designers, business intelligence experts, engineers and data scientists that build solutions for problems involving large volumes of data. 

He balances this work with his responsibilities as a teacher in the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media and Master in Visual & Digital Media. He enjoys having the opportunity to share his knowledge with the future workforce, while surrounded by key players from multiple fields. In his classes, he is fascinated at how the students interpret visualized data based on their academic, professional and cultural backgrounds. He credits this with dramatically improving his awareness of the importance of data, in both a technical and ethical sense. In fact, he considers being part of such a diverse collection of students, teachers, staff and alumni as one of the best opportunities he’s ever had.

In his free time, Francisco enjoys hiking and mountain biking. He has always been interested in these sports, but he never had the chance to practice regularly until he moved to the Basque Country. He likes going on long bike trips with friends, enjoying the combination of outstanding views, tough physical exercise and great food. He also mentions movies, language learning and pop music as other hobbies, but there is one passion he singles out above the others: American football. He was introduced to the sport at a young age, and over the years his interest developed. He is fascinated by the amount of information and data collection present in the sport that can be used to develop strategies—something he still does when he has the time.

This is typical of how Franscico sees the world, with information playing a key role in everything from American football to his professional life to his philosophy of success. It may have varying degrees of depth, but with the right tools, methodologies, software and processes, data can be transformed into insights. As for his approach to achieving success, Francisco strongly believes the key is to learn from our failures. Failure is nothing but information that can be leveraged to improve our processes, and being resilient is vital in achieving this.

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"I strongly believe that the key to success is learning from our failures. Every time we fail, we need to collect that information and use it to improve our processes."

Francisco Cruzado Perni