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Isabella Deshon

Isabella Deshon

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Though I was born and raised in Nicaragua, I have lived in many other places, including Spain. I got into film in high school and that’s when I discovered my passion for video production and editing. So I decided to join the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media to explore filmmaking and learn how to tell stories. I believe that science and technology are important—we need both in order to innovate—but stories are what give us purpose and make us see why we do the things we do.

Isabella Deshon
Undergraduate student
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Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media
Isabella Deshon

“The film screenings we did allowed students to connect through more relaxed activities. It was outside, picnic-style, with the sun setting on the horizon—it was very beautiful.”

Isabella Deshon

Harnessing storytelling as a tool for positive impact

Isabella Deshon’s earliest childhood memories are of Saturday afternoons spent with her father. For as long as she can recall, this time was always dedicated to their shared love for film. They would while away the hours at the mall before catching the latest movie release—a tradition that Isabella not only looked forward to every week, but also credits with nurturing her love for the big screen.

Isabella grew up in the Nicaraguan capital of Managua, where a series of unexpected coincidences set her on a path to joining the world of moviemaking. “In high school, I accidentally took a course called iMovie,” she explains. “I didn't want to take it because I needed to get into the top schools and iMovie wasn’t going to get me there.” However, as a result of that class, Isabella discovered her passion for editing, making videos and filmmaking.

When it came time to choose a university program, Isabella discovered the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media at IE University, which offered the perfect holistic education. “It has allowed me to explore not only filmmaking—which is what I'm truly passionate about—but also other fields,” she notes. From public relations and affairs to law, journalism and more, Isabella says this multidisciplinary program has given her even more ways to express herself.

Now in her third year of the program, Isabella has savored every part of her IE Experience. She’s spent the intervening time not only becoming a better filmmaker and storyteller, but also exploring her newly discovered acting talent as part of the IE Theater Club. This spring, they put on a rousing performance of cult classic The Breakfast Club, with Isabella playing the iconic part of Bender in this adaptation.

This experience has shown her that being on the other side of the lens requires a whole different skill set. Actors have to bring the director’s vision to life on the stage through their characters—something Isabella says has helped her become a more well-rounded professional.

However, her biggest opportunity to date has to be the IE Short Film Festival. As the festival director, Isabella played a major role behind the scenes during the production of the latest edition of this stunning global fete. Isabella says that she never imagined herself participating in an event like this, let alone directing it. “It taught me so much about what I can do and proved that I'm capable of so much more,” she enthused.

Isabella’s advice to other students is this: even if something seems big and scary, just go for it. It’s better to get out there and do things you’re afraid of, and see how far you can get. Directing the film festival was a huge challenge, but she learned so much from it. Similarly, coming to Spain to study at IE University was a big step for her, but she has grown a lot because of it. She wholeheartedly recommends the IE Experience to anyone who wants to gain independence and have “a beautiful overall experience.”