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Isabella Massot

About me

My name is Isabella Massot, but everyone calls me Bella. I was born and raised in Panama City, Panama and I’ve lived in Madrid and Hong Kong. I love to travel and have visited more than twenty countries, making videos of my travels. I also have a makeup service and healthy desserts business.

I’ve loved drawing since I was little, and it shows in my graphic design work. I also enjoy fashion, pilates, photography and painting. And most of all I enjoy the small things in life, such as a good cappuccino, some samba, and journaling in Retiro Park.

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studentBachelor in Communication and Digital Media
Isabella Massot - Student Story | IE University

"Being surrounded by a diverse group of students from all over the world has broadened my perspective and taught me so much about different cultures and ways of thinking."

Isabella Massot

Creating an international family

Isabella comes from a family of two cultures. Her mother is American: however, Isabella was born in Panama City, Panama. Thus, Isabella dreamt of studying in the United States. Yet, because her father is Spanish, she has fostered a love for Spanish culture through family visits and experiences. Because of her deep appreciation for Spanish and American culture, she longed for a way to merge these two worlds. 

When the time came to decide on a university, Isabella was torn between studying in the United States and studying in Spain. Feeling pulled in two different directions, she was drawn to experiencing the unfamiliar by studying in the US, but also longed to explore more of Spain and connect with her roots. 

Then she discovered IE Business School, and she was able to combine the two worlds she loves. Here, Isabella can take business classes which are of an equivalent standard of those at a top US university, while enjoying a European experience. 

In Madrid, she’s receiving a top education while living in a city that offers endless exploration opportunities. Between the stunning architecture and the exciting nightlife, Isabella falls in love with the city more and more each day. Yet, one of the most rewarding experiences comes from being surrounded by a diverse group of students at IE University. Having classmates from all over the world has helped Isabella broaden her perspective on the world and has taught her  much about different cultures and ways of thinking.  

With a greater understanding and connection to people of diverse backgrounds, Isabella has formed what she refers to as an international family. Each member is a different piece of the same puzzle. Similar to the unique shapes and sizes of puzzle pieces, they form something truly special when everyone comes together. IE University has become her home away from home, especially since this is her first experience living away from home.

Isabella Massot - Student Story | IE UniversityAlong with a unique social experience, IE University continues to help Isabella explore her business and creative interests. For most of her life, Isabella wanted to study interior design. Ironically, in her junior year of high school, she took a computer sciences class and an art class that influenced a change of heart. While finishing high school, she became more interested in advertising, branding and graphic design. Her interest in these subjects motivated Isabella to follow a creative and business pursuit for her academic career. The Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media immediately caught her attention, as it blends creativity with business and gives her skills she will be able to apply to a number of career opportunities. 

Along with soaking up knowledge, Isabella is an active participant in the many social experiences offered by IE University. One of her favorites is TedxIE Madrid, which she’s been a part of for three years. Isabella appreciates these experiences and other events because of the endless opportunities to connect and meet new people. 

Isabella takes advantage of everything IE University offers, including an exchange semester in Hong Kong. It was an experience which broadened her worldview and cultivated her ability to adapt to new environments and take risks outside her comfort zone. She even had the opportunity to travel to other East Asian countries. Studying abroad was something Isabella never previously considered, but thanks to IE University’s international environment, she’s become more curious and eager to learn about other cultures. 

As graduation draws closer for Isabella, she is excited to take all she has learned and experienced back home to Panama, where she’s cultivated her brand and audience. However, her curiosity won’t let her settle, as she is still eager to explore the United States. She is hoping to end up in New York or San Francisco, but is also open to the possibility of returning to Europe. Her outlook on life can be summed up in her favorite quote from Huguette Caland: “I love every minute of my life. I squeeze it like an orange, and I eat the peel, because I don’t want to miss a thing.”