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Pablo Cuesta Sanz

About me

My name is Pablo. I am from Segovia, Spain, and am currently studying the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media. I’m passionate about the world of entertainment and communication. At the moment I’m working on personal projects while holding positions in different organizations related to tasks involving photography, directing, filming and editing of a diverse range of audiovisual formats.

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Pablo Cuesta Sanz - Student Story | IE

"Clubs at IE University have positions which allow you to apply things you have learned in class."

Pablo Cuesta Sanz

Combining communications with creativity and hard work

Pablo chose the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media at IE University as he felt it offered him the opportunity to learn about different aspects of communications, from the most strategic aspects of communication planning to the development of creative projects and applications. He quickly took advantage of the extracurricular opportunities IE University offers, joining the IE University Debate Club on the recommendation of his friends.

The main attraction of the Debate Club for Pablo was the opportunity for board members to apply what they have learned in class, so he took up the position of communications officer. As his interest in and engagement with the club’s activities grew, he progressed to the role of president. He also represented IE University at various conferences in Madrid and around the world, including the prestigious Harvard National Model United Nations debate.

Pablo describes the Harvard National Model United Nations debate as “a really self-improving experience as well as a bonding one,” adding that he got to meet people from different parts of the world who brought diverse perspectives to the topics under discussion. He noted that the experience not only improved his communication and research skills but gave the whole team a greater sense of bonding as the competition progressed.

Pablo Cuesta Sanz - Student Story | IEAdditionally, Pablo acknowledges the considerable support IE University provided, both financially and logistically, giving special thanks to the team’s coach, Kevin Febres. As the president of the Debate Club and one of the main organizers, Pablo was also able to make valuable contacts with Campus Life and with IE School of Politics, Economics & Global Affairs.

Pablo’s advice for prospective students aiming to participate in the Harvard National Model United Nations Debate is to approach the event with “an open mind and a diplomatic sentiment.” He points out that people will have to temper some of their points of view in order to reach a consensus. The most important aspects, Pablo feels, are to be ready to embrace new cultures and different points of view—and to be prepared for a lot of hard work!