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Cecilia de Cabo Jiménez  | IE University

Cecilia de Cabo Jiménez

About me

I’m Cecilia and I chose the Bachelor in Communication & Digital Media because I think it offers the best combination of creativity and business. The program stood out to me because it aligned with my innate passion for marketing, social media strategy and digital content. I consider myself to be an “out of the box thinker” and the program really helped push my creativity and problem-solving skills to a new level.

Cecilia de Cabo Jiménez
Undergraduate student
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Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media
Cecilia de Cabo Jiménez  | IE University

"IE University showed me both the soft and hard skills I needed for my professional career."

Cecilia de Cabo Jiménez

Reaching new creative heights

Bachelor in Communication & Digital Media alum Cecilia de Cabo Jiménez jumped straight from her internship in IE University’s marketing department to a position at Celonis after graduation. Now based in Munich and three months into her new role, she works with the company’s Design and Video teams, helping to create content for different platforms including their website and social media pages. With a wide range of responsibilities—from scheduling video and photography shoots, tracking the progress of various projects and being the liaison between the team, clients and freelancers, to preparing creative briefs, brainstorming ideas and leading presentations—Cecilia is putting her creativity to work every day.

Cecilia says where she is today is down to her experience at IE University. Gaining both the necessary hard and soft skills to succeed as a creative professional, she credits the Bachelor in Communication & Digital Media with helping her progress on the path to her career goals. Not only did she gain the basic industry-specific competencies, including how to do a basic SWOT or benchmark analysis, but she also developed soft skills like teamwork, active listening, problem-solving and the ability to work within a fast-paced, international environment—all essential and always in demand in creative teams.

“IE University prepared me to know how to best communicate with people with different personalities and backgrounds and solve conflicts within a team,” she says. Above all, Cecilia learned that embracing diversity and being open to different points of view is the key to building an effective team in any organization.

As she takes her first steps in her dream industry, Cecilia has some words of advice for others looking to pursue a career in marketing, with a specific focus on video production and project management. She stresses the value of being curious and going beyond your comfort zone: “You need to step out; don’t only stick to your tasks.” This initiative will showcase your leadership potential and lead to even more professional opportunities.

Cecilia de Cabo Jiménez  | IE University

She also notes that, while ideas are important to any creative project, strategy, execution and technical skill should not be underestimated. Instead, she encourages other students to always look at the whole picture: “There’s a lot to learn when you are in a creative environment, so always learn as many skills as possible.”

Looking back on her experience with the Bachelor in Communication & Digital Media, it’s safe to say that the program has shaped her future. Cecilia regards her time at IE University as the best four years of her life and she is sure the friendships she made in Segovia and Madrid will last a lifetime.

For Cecilia, one of the most interesting things about life after graduation is that, no matter where she is in the world, she can always find other members of the IE Community. Even now in Munich, Cecilia regularly meets up with other IE Alumni and, together, they socialize through regular after-work events and organize talks on various engaging topics.

She says the best decision she made at IE University was choosing to study in both Segovia and Madrid. “Rethink only choosing one campus option,” she says. While many think of Segovia as a very small town, it’s full of life and opportunities to meet many different people you wouldn’t have otherwise. “Segovia is a great place to get to know students from other programs and be surrounded by amazing landscapes too!”