PROGRAM An MBA with a Glocal Approach. Make global knowledge local

An MBA with a Glocal Approach

Make global knowledge local

An intensive, 15-month blended MBA program offering a combination of face-to-face and online interactive learning. With five face-to-face periods across four continents, this program offers a truly global vision of the business world by adding important components from local markets, sustainable development and an innovative twist on the traditional MBA.

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The Global Executive MBA has five residential periods spread across four continents that open a global window into the business world by adding important components from local markets, sustainable development and by innovating the traditional MBA.

The first residential period in Madrid allows cohorts to meet classmates and professors, establishing relationship bonds that will further develop throughout the program.
During the following three periods, students travel to Singapore, Los Angeles and Sao Paulo to immerse themselves in the various cultures and explore business aspects in each region. During these periods students will partake in classes with both IE and local partner faculty, company visits, workshops and cultural activities which will provide students with essential knowledge of how to apply global strategy at a local level.

During the final residential period in Madrid, students will present their final capstone projects, complete their final exams and participate in the graduation ceremony.

During your face-to-face periods, you will discover:


During each face-to-face period the business innovation module will introduce the development of a business plan. Students can choose to develop their capstone project deliverable as either an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial project and will receive group coaching during online periods where a mentor will ensure project progression and provide feedback.

  • Focus on startup entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.
  • Provides students with necessary tools to approach innovation both within and outside of a corporation.
  • Includes coaching sessions for each track, providing students with personalized assistance and insightful feedback for their capstone project.


Also delivered in the face-to-face periods, this module provides students with the expertise to create, implement, and manage transnational teams.

Students will learn how to lead global organizations, how to manage and develop global talent and effective management skills.

  • Provides students with the key interpersonal skills and expertise for setting up and running global teams and/or business units.
  • Become a strategic leader that understands the needs of today’s workforce.
  • Learn about global organizational behavior, global team building and global HR management.


An integrative module that exposes students to the best practices and insights surrounding the management of business at a global scale. The module will help students connect the different subjects covered throughout the program and apply integrative thinking for dealing successfully with global challenges.

  • Integrates the knowledge from different core courses and provides insight about how to apply them globally.

As pioneers of the highly loaded blended methodology, IE has created the Global Executive MBA program that allows you to sharpen your skills from anywhere in the world, providing a flexible structure that suits both your professional and personal commitments.

The Online Campus

Access to the IE Virtual Campus is available 24/7 and allows for daily interaction with your peers, group meetings, class participation, and contact with faculty and the academic department.

Students can access each course’s forum to discuss the subjects that are being taught. The Campus is accessible via a variety of devices including smartphones and tablets.

Asynchronous Forums

Online sessions take place through active asynchronous forums that are available 24 hours a day from Monday to Thursday. Students enjoy flexible participation as they access the debates without limitation from anywhere in the world. To ensure fluidity in all debates, participation in each forum is limited to 5 posts per week. The emphasis of debates where each intervention is published in writing allows for maximum reflection and critical thinking surrounding each topic.

A Global Network

The blended methodology offers students a flexible agenda, allowing them to mold studies to their working weekly agendas. The tools IE provides allow students to engage in constant teamwork activities and interact in an efficient and comfortable manner despite different geographical locations. The tools employed in the Global Executive MBA, as well as the various open channels of communication, serve as an exemplification of how business is executed in today’s hyper-connected markets.



Polish core business know-how and criteria for running a business. Learn new concepts and tools of finance, control, strategy, marketing, economics, operations, IT, organizational behavior and human resources. Professors will teach from a birds eye view, presenting challenges and opportunities at a global level.


Provides you with the leadership mindset and skills for running global teams. Learn about mindful leadership, people management techniques, and negotiation methods.


Acquire all the knowledge and tools needed for innovation. Learn about creativity models, lean start-up and the tools needed for entrepreneurs.


Provides the right mindset required for managing global teams. Learn from our partner schools how to do business in different economic regions of the world: Asia, USA, Europe and South America.


Obtain a holistic vision about Business and the World. Learn about corporate governance, ethics, and sustainability.


Students must fulfill the following requirements to be able to request the issuance of the Official University Degree upon completion of the Master Program.

Students will also receive a Certificate from UCLA Anderson School of Management, Singapore Management University and Insper Institute upon completion of each international module.




IE’s international faculty are experts in their fields.
They come from diverse professional and academic backgrounds and are here to help you reach your potential.

Profile Erick Schlie

Professor of Marketing and General Management

Profile Bruce Busta

Visiting Professor IE, Financial Accounting

Profile Nicola Gatti

Associate Professor IE, Business and Corporate Strategy

Profile Jose Antonio Martinez Marcos

Executive MBA, IE Business School

Profile Jose Ignacio Gafo

Professor of Marketing

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