IE Exponential Learning’s mission is to provide tools to professionals with a lifelong learning mindset who seek growth at every stage of their careers. Our educational experiences are tailored to the needs of self-motivated individuals as they build the skills necessary to adapt to, and thrive in, an ever-evolving global landscape.

This unit, which is part of IE University designs its courses with the resources and faculty support of all five schools of the IE ecosystem.

A business school for transformation, creation and innovation. Our internationally recognized approach creates an environment of thriving professionalism.

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IE Law School drives innovation in the legal world, training global lawyers that standout for their passion for entrepreneurship and humanistic spirit.

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Educating innovative professionals for the new world of work. Our students draw on communication, media, social sciences and technology to impact business and society.

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Architecture and design education is based on innovation, responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit, all fostered through project-based learning.

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We train influential leaders to transform and truly make a difference in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

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The new normal in education: "A learning mindset is your life changer."

life long learning

Learning mindset

We believe in learning as a critical competitive advantage in today’s dynamic environment.  For us, learning is not restricted to the confines of the classroom and does not end at graduation – it is more of a mindset for life.  At IE Exponential Learning, the ability to stimulate curiosity and get individuals to believe they are capable of accessing the subjects that they aspire to learn inspires us in everything we do.



Learning isn’t merely acquiring knowledge; it’s an enabler of change. We aspire to actualize this in two ways. First, we aim for all our programs to have the optimal conditions for all of our learners to deliver the changes to their lives and communities that they desire. Plus, we seek to maximize the impact of time invested in learning.

effective learning

Effective Learning

Learning requires effort and dedication. But we also know that to our learners, time can be a limited resource. To make the most of it, our mixture of content, methodologies, and technology in all our programming strives to maximize the time that our learners invest in acquiring new knowledge and skills.

good for you

Beneficial For You

The constant pursuit of knowledge is advantageous beyond professional success. Did you know that it benefits your well-being and your competitiveness? That’s because cognitive training is just as beneficial for your brain as routine exercise is good for your body.

Starting your learning journey

Think about the last time you planned a trip. Remember the anticipation with which you waited to reach your destination, whether it was the Himalayas, Florence, or New York City? Learning is just another exciting journey; it requires some preparation and planning for you to savor the satisfaction of mastering the topic at hand fully. Having a roadmap matters, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let your curiosity guide you off the beaten path. Your curiosity will give you the energy to keep exploring and lead you to access a window into another world.

If you don’t know where to start on your learning journey, here’s our step-by-step plan:

  1. Get into the right mindset: You truly can learn what you set out to learn. Convinced? If you still need further convincing, hear from Carol Dweck about the growth mindset.
  2. Research: Identify the experts on your topic and which materials out there can help you get acquainted with the concept. But, don’t forget to ask yourself: Would in-depth discussions with specialists who are experienced in your topic of interest help you better define your motivation and clarify the specific sub-topics that most pique your interest?
  3. Make a study plan: Ask yourself a few questions: Can you start by studying on your own? Will you get to where you want to go by yourself? Is there a group of learners out there that can help you? And, would a formal course (online or face-to-face) help propel you forward towards your ultimate goals?
  4. Understand the value deliberate practice and perseverance: While that saying, practice makes perfect could merely be a cliché, when it comes to learning, deliberate practice is fundamental. Anders Ericson and Robert Pool break it down in the chapter on deliberate practice in Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise; read on. When it comes to perseverance, we need to think about grit, which is the power of passion and perseverance. You may already have the passion for learning something new, but perseverance is what’s going to make the learning journey stick. Hear from Angela Duckworth why.
  5. Stay active on your learning journey: As you continuously renew your capabilities and expertise, constant and routine engagement is fundamental. Commitment to the cause of self-improvement will ensure that your competitive advantage of learning continues to bear fruit through a changing global economy.



High Impact Online Programs (HiOPs)

High Impact Online Programs (HiOPs) are online programs specially tailored to empower your future and support your professional growth. Each program typically lasts five weeks, and students will dedicate on average six hours per week. Throughout the program, you will complete engaging learning activities and practical projects, as well directly interact with other coursemates and professors.

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Exponential Learning Bootcamps


Bootcamps focus on cultivating specific, in-demand skill sets that enable people to transform or accelerate their careers in an increasingly dynamic market. The IE Data Science Bootcamp is an innovative, full-time 10 week open-enrollment program designed to train the new generation of business-oriented, analytical professionals who are in very high demand by recruiters. It empowers professionals and entrepreneurs by training them in the digital skills needed to accelerate their future careers.

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Exponential Learning General Management

Executive Education - General Management

An opportunity to develop your strategic vision and update your knowledge about the latest trends in business management – thus maximizing your leadership – in order to successfully deal with your professional challenges.

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Exponential Learning Specialized Programs

Executive Education - Specialized programs

Our Specialized Programs provide an immersion in different areas of management with an innovative focus and the combination of IE Business School faculty with top professionals from leading companies. This methodology provides practical learning and makes it easier for participants to design a roadmap which is applicable to their own organization’s characteristics as well as enrich their network through the variety of companies and industries present in different programs.

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Exponential Learning Industry Programs

Executive Education - Industry Programs

An update of the latest management trends of a sector that either covers its entire value chain or focuses on a specific current issue. The industry programs also provide a highly valuable network for those who want to develop their professional career in a specific industry.

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  • This program provides the perfect foundation to succeed in the digital world for both seasoned and new marketers by providing the principles, industry leading examples and the right space for students to discuss, share and reapply.

    Carlos Bermúdez

    Procter & Gamble

Our favorite learning resources

These videos express our feeling about the idea that surrounds our unit: The potential and the need for lifelong learning.

Barbara Oakley – Learning how to learn.

“Leverage practical tips from neuroscience and cognitive psychology to make your learning more effective.”

Angela Duckworth- Grit


Carol Dweck – Growth mindset


Eduardo Briceño - On Learning space

“Great strategies to give you permission to learn”

Assessment: Mindsets for Lifelong Learning

reachingyourpotential.org – “Studies show that people who are lifelong learners are more successful professionally and lead happier, and more fulfilling lives”

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Assessment: Authentic Professional Confidence

reachingyourpotential.org – “Reaching your full potential will take courage and authentic confidence. You can develop this courage by building the bounce back power to deal with any situation that crosses your path in your career”

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Barbara Oakley – “Using learning to reach your full potential, even if it means changing your current path”

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Thinking Fast and Slow

Daniel Kahneman – “ How we think and make decisions, and the unconscious biases we all have”

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Think Smart

Richard Restak – “ How to make the most of our brain by incorporating the latest neuroscience research”

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Anders Ericsson - Peak


Anders Ericsson – “What it takes to reach peak performance”

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