Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior

The Program

The new digital economy is reshaping how humans behave and interact with their environment, and this is causing an important shift in what it means for businesses to really understand customers’ motivations in a timely and cost-efficient manner. Additionally, the dawning of automated marketing, machine learning and AI is changing the rules of the game: there is a massive amount of data available but only few who can analyze it, convert it into valuable insights, and transform those insights into action with a real impact on the bottom-line.

HST’s Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior is a one of a kind 10-month program, combining psychology of consumers with research & analytics methods fully adapted into a strategic business context that equips students to leverage their insight-generation capabilities with hands-on execution. The world now requires innovation at the speed of life, so the program is hand-crafted and constantly updated around the needs of top industry recruiters.



  • Business Marketing & Strategy

    Start with the basics—learn to use consumer insights to drive impactful business decisions, and gain the skills to you need understand the “big picture” of business.

  • Consumer Insights & Analytics

    Tackle the qualitative and quantitative tools and techniques needed to gather the right data, and use that data to understand markets and consumers.

  • Consumer Psychology & Behavior

    Consumers don’t always make rational decisions. Test and understand how consumers think, feel, and behave using ethnography, neuromarketing, and many other behavioral concepts.

  • Professional Skills

    Technical abilities alone don’t cut it anymore. Today, emotional intelligence and soft skills are equally important as hard skills. Learn to work in teams, communicate, and manage your career like a pro.

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Consulting projects

During the 10 months, you will work on and present three different projects to leading corporate executives. You will solve real-life challenges that clients face when trying to understand how consumers behave and develop your professional skills by working in diverse groups.

Millward Brown Marketing Consulting Project

Dive into a 4-day real-world marketing case assigned to you by execs at Millward Brown, and develop impactful recommendations to present to a panel of experts.

Nielsen Market Research Consulting Project

Over the course of 6 weeks, you and your team will work with Nielsen to address a real client situation by conducting market research, discovering consumer insights, and presenting to the real client at the end.

The Integration Consulting Project

This final 8-week project allows you to integrate all the knowledge and skills you've mastered in the program to develop a unique solution to a real-world challenge provided by the client. You will work as a real consulting team; each group will work directly with the client and final presentations are made directly to them.

Companies that collaborate with the program

At HST, we believe the best way to learn is through practical, hands-on methodologies. Thanks to our strong relationship with top industry professionals, students have the opportunity to experience the real world of work in the classroom through challenges, consulting projects, and multimedia simulations, applying their knowledge as they go. Here are some of the partner companies collaborating with the program:

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The tuition for the Master in Market Research & Consumer Behavior is 29,200€* for the 2018-2019 academic year.

*Tuition is reviewed on a yearly basis and therefore subject to change.

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