If you feel ready to undertake this transformative and enjoyable learning experience along with a selective group of top executives from across the globe, come and join us.

Requirements for the EXMPLS


Minimum 10 years of full-time experience


A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent


English language proficiency


Completed application form

The Process

The admissions process starts upon your submission of the application form online along with the supporting documents.

It will take roughly 1-2 weeks for the Admissions Committee to review your file and provide you with initial feedback.

A complete application to IE’s EXMPLS program consists of:

•    Application Form
•    One of the essays of the application suggested on the Application Form or a personal statement
•    A curriculum vitae (1-2 pages)
•    2 recommendation letters
•    Electronic copy of current passport
•    Digital photo
•    Application fee of €125

This amount can be paid by credit card, cash or bank transfer and is non-refundable.

Should the Admissions Committee grant you an interview upon the review of your application, you will be contacted to schedule an interview either personally or via Skype depending on your location.

The interview examines the data provided in the application in greater detail and evaluates whether your profile will meet the demands of the program and add value within the class discussion and group work.

Following the interview and upon review of your entire application, the Admissions Committee will make its final decision based on the evaluation of your candidature as a whole. The decision will be based on all the different aspects of your profile, as well as how your profile is aligned with the IE core values and learning environment.  A final decision communication is given in 3-4 weeks.

Upon program completion you will receive a University Private Degree from IE Universidad*. 

*IE Universidad is a University officially accredited by the Spanish education authorities, allowed to provide official Bachelor and Master’s degrees, whose qualifications are officially submitted by the Spanish Ministry of Education, in accordance with the Spanish legislation. Likewise, IE Universidad is legally authorized to provide its own University Private Degrees, which differ from the official ones in that they are created and provided by exercising the University’s autonomy conferred by the Spanish regulations. These University Private Degrees are specifically directed towards the professional application of such studies and the constant update of the higher education, preserving the educational standards of excellence of IE.