Master in Visual and Digital Media

Creativity + Management
This program bridges the gap between creative practice and business management. You will be able to conceive, develop, execute, manage, and evaluate all kinds of creative visual and digital media projects from start to finish.

  • Intake October
  • Language English
  • Format Full Time
  • Duration 10 months

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The language of the 21st century is without doubt a visual and digital one: individuals and organizations increasingly communicate, think, invent and represent reality via the creation of innovative visual and digital media content. Fields like advertising, branding, marketing, design, film, video, photography, publishing, and television all need skilled visual and digital media professionals with managerial capabilities. These industries also offer some of the most exciting and creative employment opportunities in today’s job market. For example, job posting for social media positions on LinkedIn has grown more than 1300% since 2010.

The Master in Visual and Digital Media (MVDM) bridges the gap between creative practice and business management. This program prepares students to conceive, develop, execute, manage, and evaluate all kinds of creative visual media projects from start to finish. The MVDM alumni are currently working in multinational companies, advertising agencies, creative agencies, design studios, audiovisual production and film companies, communication agencies, social media companies, branding consultancies, nongovernmental organizations, or have even created their own company (many of the alumni start-ups were conceptualized throughout the Final project of the MVDM). For these reasons, 93% of the MVDM class found a job during the first 3 months after graduation.


    Combines the creative and managerial sides of the profession.

    Practical teaching methodology.

    Focuses on emerging digital media trends and formats.

    Students will work on real-life consulting and creative projects that will serve as your portfolio after finishing the master.

    The strong international profile of its professors, students, academic, professional contacts and links.

    The program is based in Madrid, an important hub for advertising agencies, digital media agencies, branding consultings and multinational companies.

    IE’s reputation for entrepreneurship, management and top international rankings worldwide.

    International & multicultural student intake. The IE Community represents over 50,000 Alumni in more than 100 countries.

    IE’s Careers Management Center will guide you towards new professional work opportunities.

    Bologna-compliant program: you will obtain an official degree certification.

    Program Modules and Courses

    This master program is divided into 3 main modules plus, personal and career development workshop and the final practical projects.

    Digital Media and Technology

    Business Management and Entrepreneurship

    Visual Media, Branding and Creativity

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    Digital Media and Technology

    TERM 1 – October to December

    • Web Development: HTML and CSS
    • Digital Media Ecosystem

    TERM 2 – January to April

    • Digital Marketing, Social Media and Community Management
    • Advocacy Campaigns and Digital Media
    • Multimedia Storytelling
    • User-Centered Design
    • Digital Media Culture
    • Data Fluency
    • Research Methods in Visual and Digital Media

    TERM 3 – May to July

    • Internet Metrics and E-audience Measurement
    • Business Strategy for Entrepreneurs
    Business Management and Entrepreneurship

    TERM 1 – October to December

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Coaching
    • Networking in Professional Careers
    • Team Work
    • Careers: Personal Branding and Employability
    • Creative Project Management

    TERM 2 – January to April

    • Coaching
    • Careers: Personal Branding and Employability

    TERM 3 – May to July

    • Entrepreneurship
    • Events Creation and Management
    • Coaching
    • Intellectual Property and Media Companies
    Visual Media, Branding and Creativity

    TERM 1 – October to December

    • Photography and Video Production
    • Graphic Design
    • Copywriting for Digital Media
    • Creative Work in the Cultural Industries
    • Representation and Ethics

    TERM 2 – January to April

    • Visual Narratives
    • Infographics
    • Image-Making for Advertising
    • Branding: Identity and Strategy
    • Branded Content

    Course description

    Final Project

    Storytelling for Social Impact

    The Final Project is a team-based creative project developed over the course of the Master program in collaboration with the Fundación Llorente y Cuenca, the non-profit arm of one of the most prestigious communication agencies in the world. With the assistance of academics and professionals in the field, students will develop each phase of a visual and digital media strategy by creating, distributing, and evaluating narrative content for social impact.


    TERM 1 – Final Project 1

    Research and Ideation

    Students will identify the social cause, research the needs of the people it affects, find the story behind it, and develop an initial strategy. At the beginning of the term, students will be given a brief and develop a creative brief that will constitute the plan to be put in practice during terms 2 and 3.

    TERM 2 – Final Project 2


    Over the second term, students will develop the creative materials. They will implement all the audiovisual pieces for the campaign: the videos, photographs, infographics, and graphic elements necessary to put the campaign into practice.

    TERM 3 – Final Project 3

    Distribution and Evaluation

    During the third term, students will distribute and evaluate the materials developed in the previous term by executing a transmedia campaign and measuring its impact.

    The best Final Entrepreneurial Project will receive an award, which is presented by the international branding consulting company:

    Final project

    Career Opportunities

    After graduating from the MVDM, our students completed a survey to see where they were working and we obtained the following insights:
    1. 93% of the MVDM stated that they found a job during the first 3 months after graduation: 31% of the class is working in Europe, 38% in North America, 23% in Asia and 8% in Latam.
    2. Some students of this program even created their own company after finishing the MVDM and most of the alumni start-ups were conceptualized throughout the Final project of this master program.



    • Multinational companies
    • Advertising Agencies
    • Business Design studios
    • Branding/Marketing Agencies
    • Creative Agencies
    • Digital Consulting firms
    • Audiovisual production and film companies
    • Non-Governmental organizations
    • Entrepreneurship


    • Brand Manager
    • Branding and Identity Specialist
    • Digital Media Project Manager
    • Digital Marketing Manager
    • Digital Strategist and Community Manager
    • Social Media Manager/Director
    • Creative Director
    • Creative Project Manager
    • Production Manager
    • Production Entrepreneur
    • Visual Media Manager/Director
    • Digital Media Entrepreneur
    • New Media Coordinator

    Career Management Center

    Student profile

    Students are not only the center of our concern; they are the essence of this program. We choose them because they think differently and we know they are going to be the leaders of tomorrow.
    • Professional experience Junior or middle.
    • Balanced life Can invest 10 months for education.
    • Diversity Students of the class come from all corners of the world; there are more than 100 nationalities represented at IE.
    • Interested in Strong interest In developing their creative and managerial abilities to work in the dynamic world of visual and digital media.

    Student Profile

    Ignacio Cifuentes Huertas, Spain, MVDM 2014

    Video Content Producer-Freelancer

    I always saw myself as an artist, a creative person. I had many different passions: photography, film, art, design, music… Like many pieces of a same puzzle I could not put together. Then, the MVDM appeared and I discovered new ways to express myself and use the skills I had developed in my previous experiences in many fields where I never thought they would be useful: music in design, design in business, art in branding, storytelling in public speaking. Now, I really see a new range of possibilities: this program gives many and various tools, develops skills and most importantly gives you the inner power to achieve anything you want. This master is designed to change your life, or at least that is what it did to me.

    Kim Palita Wienands, Germany /Thailand, MVDM 2014

    The Master in Visual and Digital Media has equipped me with the ability to think strategically, a focus from the institution's business expertise, while embracing one's own creativity, founded from a design background in my case. It's a potent combination when it comes to applying your skills within a professional environment. My advice would be to keep an open mind and do not underestimate the power of the program's diversity, as it allowed me to build on top of skill sets I already had, but also to unlock new potentials I didn't know I had.

    Chloé Bouchval, France, MVDM 2014

    I entered the MVDM program with a Bachelor in Business Administration and an international experience in Hong-Kong, Shanghai, Dubai and Paris. I joined the MVDM because it was exactly what I needed: learn how to make the ideas I had in my mind real, concrete and visible for others…and this master gave me this knowledge, and so much more! This year at IE was a real personal development catalyzer: I learnt a lot about myself in a process of empathizing with others, I met inspirational people, created real connections with peers, teachers and management staff and most importantly: I found out I was passionate about branding!

    Luciana Trigo, Bolivia, MVDM 2014

    I was working in Marketing for 3 years when I realized that the best moment of it was while working with the Advertising Agency. So I decided to switch to an Ad Agency, but coming from the “business side” I needed something else to make that shift. So the MVDM came, and it was perfect. It is perfect: very intensive teamwork with people from all over the world and high-level professors coming from business and creative industries. Actually now, I don’t feel ready to make that shift… I am ready to work with both sides!

    Eric Rivas, Dominican Republic /United State, MVDM 2014

    Studying at one of the most prestigious schools in Europe challenges you in many ways. Here's the story of that Thursday night I will remember for the rest of my life. I uploaded on Instagram: . It said: Mom, it's 2:26 A.M. and I'm still at school. After a couple of hours, I received a comment from a former student of IE. She commented: "Amazing memories!!! Even though you are super exhausted, you will see, this will be the best year of your life. I loved my IE Experience!! :D "And indeed, THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE.

    Marta Solano, Spain, MVDM 2014

    Experiencing the MVDM has been amazing. The course provided, as promised, a comprehensive training in the new visual and digital language in which communications move nowadays. The learning of the inexhaustible possibilities of each specific digital tool has been intense, indeed. But what has surprised me even more has been that this came channeled and contained in a more global view. Certainly, to mold my vision in this way it was essential to grow each day with colleagues (now friends) from five continents.

    Antonia Borek, Germany, MVDM 2014-2015

    Innovation Manager TV & Digital Technology- ProSiebanSat 1 Media

    I never really thought I was a creative person. Although I worked in media and film production during and after my Bachelor’s degree, I always thought of myself as the structured numbers person. I was the one organizing everything, but not creating anything. This changed when I came here, my creativity skills got challenged – suddenly I had to be the creative person in a project, thinking about the composition of a photo or the design of a logo… And guess what: I could do it! This program made me learn that everyone has a creative side and you just have to get out of your comfort zone and try. I’m still not a designer but I definitely discovered that I actually am very creative – just not in the way people normally think of creativity, but rather in finding innovative solutions to problems. So, thanks to the program I can now proudly say: Yes, I am creative!

    Sinmi Olayebi, Nigeria, MVDM 2014-2015

    Digital Content Creator- Territorio Creativo

    I never quite saw myself as particularly creative. I’ve always been a thinker and indeed, have a love for the arts, but I never fashioned myself an innovative or artistic person. But, the greatest lesson I learned on this course was how my idea of creativity was misconstrued - the MVDM showed me that it’s about more than designing the nicest webpages, or producing the perfect videos; it is more often about thinking, and the way that thinking can influence the way I choose to solve problems, and the way that I communicate. Though it was exciting to see how technical skills in fields like video editing and graphic design can be applied to such problems, I learned that the communication field is much more than that, and theoretical courses on the cultural industries, on media, and on storytelling made it the perfect course to show me the endless possibilities, and I loved every moment of it.

    Marcio Ricelli, Brazil, MVDM 2014-2015

    Content Producer and Communications Consultant- Freelancer

    I came to the course with a sound design and branding background and hoped that the MVDM course would allow me to broaden the scope of my interests and skills. With the course’s focus on communication at all levels, never limiting itself to just design, or marketing or advertising, this certainly hoped to be the case. The course was also very hands-on and practical, which I think is the only way to truly learn. I also see the professors as one of IE’s greatest assets. I was positively surprised by their experience and approachability, and am happy that they are now in my professional network. For these reasons, career wise, I now feel that the roads I can take are many.

    Fatima Khalaf, Jordan, MVDM 2014-2015

    Entrepreneur and Community Manager- Bidaya Corporate Communications

    After ending my year at IE, I realised that I didn't just broaden my knowledge in the creative side like I wanted to, but I also got the chance to learn all about the managerial and digital side that I had no idea about.
    I thought that choosing the MVDM program focuses more on the creative side when actually it really improves both and encourages the students to try new things outside their comfort zones. Now i am proud to say that I have bridged that gap between those two topics with the help of my professors and classmates.

    Beatriz García de Prado Barrio, Spain, MVDM 2013-2014

    Graphic Designer- XL Family

    I enjoyed and loved each moment of the whole experience. I was the only one from Madrid in my class, so I was living the IE experience in my own city. However, the moment I crossed the doors, I felt as if I was traveling around the world, enjoying diversity and learning about life more than what you can expect in a simple master’s degree, thanks to my international classmates and professors. I learnt how to organize myself, how to empower my skills, how to behave in critical situations, and also how to deal with colleagues that I admired.

    At IE you will be in contact with the most talented people in their field, with different academic, institutional and entrepreneurial backgrounds; that will open up your mind. The practical teaching methodology of the program, based mainly on team work, allowed me to exchange different mindsets; from occidental to oriental ways of thinking. I learnt how not to lose my soul surrounded by so much talent and instead, to challenge myself to succeed and work with it.
    The MVDM definitely changed the way that I now behave in my professional life.
    Meet more of our alumni and check out the different projects and experiences they have had during the Master in Visual and Digital Media

    MVDM Hub

    Explore the portfolio of some of our students


    Lamya M.!video-reel/c1771


    Manaal, Lamya, Eric, Iñigo and Kim!Event Company Creation/zoom/c19rm/imagegd


    Eric RIvas, Lamya Moughabghab, Luciana Trigo, María Gabriela Cardoza, Sara Muñoz and Yasmine Djebbar!video-reel/c1771


    Kim Wienands, Ignacio Cifuentes!video-reel/c1771


    Kim Palita Wienands


    Adelya Gafarova, Bjorn Prenha, Luciana Trigo, María Gabriela Cardoza, Yasmine Djebbar and Yeriel Zaragoza!video-reel/c1771

    Dual Degrees

    IE offers you the flexibility to customize your education based on your specific interests and career aspirations through a Dual Degree program. With a Dual Degree, you are proactively positioning yourself to stand on the threshold of two worlds, demonstrating a capacity for multiple lines of thinking, problem solving, and framing that will help you to have a measurable impact on your ability to make a contribution in your future profession. Depending on your profile you can combine a Master in Management (MIM) or an International MBA (IMBA) with the Master in Visual and Digital Media.

    Dual Degree MIM + MVDM Dual Degree IMBA + MVDM

    The IE Learning Methodology

    Students are not only the center of our concern ; they are the essence of this program. Through our hands-on teaching approach and our academic standards, they will gain the ability to think differently and become leaders of tomorrow

    40% Seminar-style discussions and presentations

    10% Lectures

    20% Role-Playing (debates, client-consulting)

    30% Practical and creative workshops and management case studies

    Apply what you learn


    IE’s innovative learning methodology focuses on active-learning using case studies, multimedia simulations, class debates and team consulting projects with real clients in the corporate communication, visual and digital media fields.


    That include full-time academic professors, as well as faculty-practitioners who are working in senior positions in corporate communication, branding, visual/digital media and management.


    Designed in conjunction with top industry professionals and based on the needs of employers.


    All of IE Schools provide students with a rich source of new ideas and perspectives. Our students can also attend #IEComm Talks organized by the IE School of Communication, with top international professionals that work in the Communication, Marketing and Visual/Digital Media industry.


    Dans, Enrique

    Professor of Information Systems. Ph.D. in Management, specializing in Information Systems, Anderson School, UCLA, USA. MBA, IE. BSc, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela. Post-doctoral studies, Harvard Business School, USA.

    Enrique Dans is not afraid to admit he likes to try out every new technological gizmo that comes on to the market. But while this is partly driven by his appetite for gadgets, it also relates to Prof. Dans’ approach to the study of technology and business, in which it’s what exists around him that sparks ideas and theories. “My environment sparks my research, so I want to feel the way the new technology impacts me first,” he says. “And I try to keep my research in close contact with reality. I hate ivory towers.” Prof. Dans is also among those who see blogging as a new and important forum through which to air and exchange academic ideas. He is also an avid consumer of information and keeps up with the latest developments in information systems via dozens of online newspapers and journals. However, this approach comes as no surprise, since the interests pursued by Prof Dans include the new economy, the effects of technology on consumer behavior and the consequences of new technological developments for business in general. His ideas and research on these areas have been published in international magazines and Prof. Dans’ articles about new technologies and their application to the business world appear regularly in the general and financial press—and, of course, on his website.

    Hernández-Canut, Beatriz

    Co-Founder at Plan B Works and Comando Cran, graphic designer and typographer.

    Spanish graphic designer graduated at the Instituto Europeo di Design in Madrid and Camberra University in Australia in 2004. After graduating she began working at Andrew McConochie‘s studio with clients such as Loewe, Prada, ARCO and the LVMH group, ending her stay working as  Senior Graphic designer and Project Manager, as well as training the creative team. In 2009, with Andra Piscaer, she set up the design studio, Plan B Works, which focuses on applying “graphic thinking” to all their projects, generating strong concepts and elegant graphic solutions. The studio was awarded the Faces of Design Award in 2010 and was featured in Index Book’s “Basic Pack” and “Basic Identity.” Having finished IED Madrid’s specialization course on Typography in 2012, she cofounded Comando Cran, a multidisciplinary typographic group and digital foundry based in Madrid, where she develops new digital typefaces and teaches calligraphic techniques and typography culture. Her first typography “Lucas Sans” has been exhibited at several typographic conferences, such as Ampersand (London) and TypoMad (Madrid) and will be exhibited in the 10th edition of the CIT in Valencia.

    Pistrui, Joseph

    Joseph Pistrui has more than 25 years of management experience, first working for Bristol-Myers Squibb in the United States (eleven years) and later working with global organizations such as AstraZeneca, BBVA, Bosch, BT, Citi Group, DT, Financial Times, HSBC, Microsoft, Rio Tinto, Royal Dutch Shell, Siemens, Thomson Reuters, Unilever, Vestas, and others (fourteen years to date).  Joseph’s contribution to these organizations has been based on his distinctive ability to navigate between the practice of management and a wide-ranging set of management theories. 

    Much of Joseph’s work has focused on what he calls the “entrepreneurial problem” of growing the top line through innovation-based new business development.  From his extensive work with global organizations Joseph has launched the Nextsensing Initiative to help develop insights into one of the most daunting challenges today— how to think in new ways about the present in order to better understand the future—as a way to address the challenges of leading strategic competitiveness in large organizations.  His point of view is informed by concepts as wide-ranging as leadership, entrepreneurship, strategic innovation, and design thinking, and promotes a bias towards actions. Joseph is the Associate Dean for Executive Education at IE Business School in Madrid. Additionally, he serves as the Executive Director of International Custom Programs, and is a professor of the Department of Entrepreneurial Studies at IE. He holds a Visiting Fellowship at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences, where he lectures and researches issues related to new enterprise formation and innovation as part of the LSE’s Department of Management. Joseph holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship from Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from DePaul University, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Ferris State University.  He was born in Detroit, Michigan USA and has lived and worked in Europe since 1993 and currently resides in Madrid, Spain.


    Apply now


    At IE, we seek dynamic, motivated, creative candidates with excellent professional and/or academic backgrounds who have the potential to develop the interpersonal and leadership skills demanded in today’s top professionals. If you think that the program you selected is right for you, you can learn more about how to apply, how to finance your program and the next steps you need to take to join us through this link:

    For more information about the program or the admissions process, please contact:

    Jonathan Nelson
    Admissions Department
    Master in Visual and Digital Media | Master in Corporate Communication
    IE School of Human Sciences and Technology



    To be considered for admissions, a candidate should provide the following:
    • Bachelor degree from an accredited university
    • One-page CV
    • Two letters of recommendation
    • Official university transcripts (certified translation into English or Spanish)
    • English language certificate for non-native English speakers (Cambridge Proficiency, TOEFL, IELTS). A certificate is not required if you completed an undergraduate degree in English
    • Photocopy of current passport
    • One passport-size photo
    • Duly completed application form, including all supporting documents
    • Application fee 125€ (non-refundable and payable by credit card or cash)


    The process is divided into three steps:
    1. Submission of application form and documents
    2. Personal interview
    3. Final decision

    Fees & Funding

    The tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year of the Master in Visual and Digital Media is 24,700€. *Please bear in mind that prices are reviewed annually and are subject to change. To reserve a place, prospective students are requested to make a deposit of 5.200€ (4,000€ + 1,200€ contribution to the IE Foundation) that will be deducted from the total tuition fee.



    IE has agreements with several banks which have devised plans specifically to accommodate your needs. These conditions are:

    • Loans available to cover up the tuition fees (except the Place Reservation fee).
    • Loan repayment period of up to 8 years.
    • Up to 18 months capital grace period.
    • Variable interest rate based on mortgage rate index.
    • The final decision on loan approval and any conditions it may be subject to, is made by the bank in question according to their own predetermined criteria.

    Once accepted onto an IE program, any student may send their loan application directly to IE. If you should have any queries please contact us at:


    IE Financial Aid Department currently offers a range of scholarships, loan agreements, and other financial aid options to help you fund your studies in the Master in Visual and Digital Media. We recommend that you apply for financing options as early as possible, as financial resources are limited and competition is high! In addition to general scholarships, several specific scholarships are available for outstanding candidates:

    • Scholarship for Communication Professionals
    • Scholarship for Digital and Visual Media Professionals

    For more information on financial aid options for this program, please visit our Financial Aid website:

    Corporate funding

    Students who have arranged full or partial funding from an employer or third party must return the signed Corporate Financing Form filled out by their sponsor to the Admissions Department, from whom it is available.

    Want to learn more? We will be glad to help you.


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