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Philip von Have

I’ve never seen this before. If we have a group of 5 people, they come from 5 different countries and speak 5 different languages.

Along with your Definitive or Provisional Admission letter, you will also receive, by post or by e-mail, the list of documents you will need to make your Place Reservation (€1,500).

Once you have paid this fee, we will then send you the Enrollment Form, which must be filled in and returned to the Admissions Department.

You will be provided with specific instructions about the Enrollment Process and a detailed list of all the documents you will need to send. You do not need to send any documents you have already submitted during the Admissions Process.

If you are transferring from another university, your admission will be stated as Provisional until IE University receives your official academic records.

If you require any further information, please contact the Admissions Department.

After you have made the Place Reservation, the Student Office will contact you to provide you with your user name and password so you can access our Online Campus which contains detailed instructions and useful advice on how to get ready for your arrival at IE University.

Academic documents required for enrollment:


  • If you have studied in Spain or in a Spanish school abroad you will need to submit your Spanish university entrance exam scorecard. You will have Provisional Admission until you receive your final exam grades.
  • If you have studied in an educational system in the E.U., Switzerland or countries which have a bilateral agreement with Spain, or if you have a European or International Baccalaureate Diploma, you do not need to take the Spanish university entrance exam (Selectividad). You will only need to submit the credentials given by the Spanish Distance-Learning University (UNED) and comply with the university entry requirements in your country of origin. We advise you to follow the steps shown in the following link:
  • If you have studied in a different educational system from those mentioned above, you will need to have your academic credentials recognized by the Spanish Ministry of Education and pass the Spanish university entrance exam (PAAU).

Students from other universities

  • If you wish to transfer to IE University by credit recognition/validation, you will need to send us your entire university record, translated into Spanish by a sworn translator, together with the original document or a certified copy.
  • If you have not studied at a European university, all the documents, either originals or certified copies, including the results of external exams, must be stamped by the issuing institution and include the Apostille of The Hague, or be legalized through the corresponding diplomatic channel. All official documents must be stamped by the issuing school or university. Photocopies and faxes of academic records which are not stamped by the issuing school or university will not be accepted as official documents.