Transfer students

Our admissions process for transfer students is designed so that you will receive a quick response with easily feasible administrative steps in order to transfer your studies.  Your admissions process will be efficient, personalized and detailed so that you are not left with any ambiguities about your opportunities at IE University.

We will conduct a preliminary credit recognition study in parallel with the admissions process to verify if you are eligible to transfer to IE University. Students who have been previously enrolled in an official university and obtained university level credit, will be eligible to transfer to IE University. You can also consult FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS by transfer student for more details. Read further below about the requirements for transfer students.


Admissions process

In general, the admissions process for transfer students is the same as it is for first year students: throughout the various phases of the process, we try to identify those aspects of your background, academic as well as personal, which make you different and which give us the maximum amount of information about you in order to make a decision which will determine your future. As you are a transfer candidate of IE University, we require additional information from you—which you can easily provide—regarding your studies at your current or previous educational institution.


1. We advise you to speak with an admissions representative and explain your interest in studying at IE University and the particular bachelor´s degree in which you would enroll.  Contact our Admissions Department via the following:

Segovia Campus: +34 921 412 428

Madrid Campus: +34 915 689 620

2. The representative from the Admissions Department will help you personally with your case. 

3. It is essential that you give us a copy of your academic transcript with the courses which you have studied at your previous university.  With this information we can verify if you are eligible to transfer to IE University and we will be able to give you a quick prediction of which year or semester you would likely be able to join.  We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

4. If your admission is viable and you are satisfied with our proposal and decide to apply for admission to IE University, we will process your admissions application, where we evaluate in great detail your profile to see if you are a good fit for IE University.  This process is very flexible in the case of transfer applicants.

5. Simultaneous to the admissions process, we will conduct a provisional credit recognition study, so that you can see which year you would be able to join and which courses you would take.

6. After having completed the process, if you are admitted, you can proceed to reserve your place.

7. In the established timeframe for the official enrollment, upon enrolling, you can proceed to apply for official and definitive credit recognition.


 If you have a question you can get in touch with the Admissions Department:

Segovia Campus: +34 921 412 428

Madrid Campus: +34 915 689 620


You can also contact one of our international offices nearest to you.


  • Students who have previously been enrolled in an official university and have not completed their Bachelor must submit a certified academic transcript with the official stamp of the issuing university. If the university concerned is not European, the certificate must be recognized by the Apostille of the Hague or authenticated through diplomatic channels.
  • Students who want to apply for either a Visiting Student or an Exchange program at our university, should contact our Admissions Department for further information and visit the Visiting and Exchange Student section of the website.


Students who have already graduated must submit the following documentation:

  • Certified copy of their university degree or a certificate issued by the Registrar’s Office which proves that the student has obtained, or will shortly obtain his or her degree.
  • Certified academic transcript, with the official stamp of the issuing university. If the university concerned is not European, the certificate must be recognized by the Apostille of the Hague or authenticated through the diplomatic channel.

How to Apply for Transfer or Credit Recognition


How to apply for transfer or credit recognition

If you would like to transfer to IE University and have partly completed your official university studies, your academic transcript will be revised by a member of faculty of the bachelor program you would like to transfer into.

Academic documentation must be presented in Spanish. Where the original document is in a language other than Spanish, a sworn translation must be attached, including the official stamp of the institution that issued the documents.

Send by e-mail a copy of your certified academic transcript, your syllabus, and a description of each subject that you took. You should indicate “transfer” in the subject line, also please attach a recent CV, and a brief letter explaining your situation and reasons for applying for a transfer.

Once your academic transcript and documentation has been reviewed, we will advise you by telephone / email whether you may commence the admissions process.

If you are not in possession of a copy of these documents bearing an official stamp once you begin the admissions process, you may forward an ordinary duplicate. It is essential that you send us the original documents prior to formalizing your enrollment, which will be after the July or September examinations in your university of origin.

Once all the documents have been delivered, we will send you the final credit recognition/validation report within two weeks. 

Visiting or Exchange Students have the opportunity to apply for a transfer after having completed their program, subject to place availability and providing they comply with the legal entry requirements for official undergraduate studies in Spain.


The Higher Education model at IE University is based on a personalized, applied, and student  centered approach. This implicates that IE University can only guarantee the competence of its graduates after they have spent a certain period of time exposed to this model. IE University only admits the transfer of academic records from other universities that would do not imply the recognition or validation of more than 120 ECTS