Financial Times ranks IE Business School No. 3 in Europe and No. 6 worldwide in MBA programs

14/03/2011 - General

IE Business School’s International MBA program has been ranked No. 3 in Europe and No. 6 worldwide in the latest MBA survey published by Financial Times, thereby maintaining the level it achieved in 2009 and further consolidating the position of its International MBA as the top program in Spain.


IE Business School is also recognized as a top school in terms of career progression. With regard to employability, 89% of IE’s International MBA graduates find work within 3 months of completing the program. Moreover, the program’s student body comprises 86% international students from 68 countries, making IE one of the most diverse business schools in the world.


IE Business School’s International MBA comprises 3 modules on change management, designed to enable students to approach change from 3 perspectives: personal, organizational and social. On a personal level, students learn to develop critical thought processes, coupled with teamworking and networking. From an organizational perspective, students learn to implement and manage change in organizations from different sectors using case studies and sessions led by experts in the field. In the social sphere, participants examine the impact of change on the environment through seminars that address related issues, the most recent having focused on ‘The future, beyond oil’.


The Financial Times ranking of MBA programs is based on 21 indicators, designed to analyse the school and its graduates. These indicators include the level of internationalization of the school and its programs, the degree to which expectations are met, the level of graduates’ salary 3 years after completing the program, the percentage of international professors and students, the percentage of women faculty and students, the percentage of professors who hold a doctorate, and research activity.


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