IE University Aims for Sustainability

14/03/2011 - General

Within the context of the global economic crisis which we have experienced these past months, we often hear opinions which emphasize the need to carefully analyze investments, prioritizing on those that directly maximize and consolidate what is most beneficial. However, at IE University we aim to establish a series of key values for institutions and businesses which go beyond a purely economic scope.


Among these values is sustainability, always a complex and challenging topic, which will be the focus of discussion on the 20th of November. The event, Sustainability in Critical Times, will be held in the Refectory of IE University from 9:30 to 14:300. The objective is to strengthen the links between the academic and business world, in order to foster cooperation in generating greater knowledge and understanding of best practices in the area of sustainable development.


Among the presenters at this event are prestigious and internationally recognized professionals, such as Yves Lesenfants, who will inaugurate the event. He is a technical advisor for the Foundation of Multilateral Investments (FOMIN) and the Inter-American Development Bank (I.A.D.B.), as well as the social founder of the Andes Tropical Program. Located in Venezuela, the Andes Tropical Program works to protect and improve the natural ecosystem by identifying and resolving threats caused by the exploitation of agroecosystems. Through the use of innovative technological tools applied to the planning of the landscape, they have enabled the coexistence of traditional productive activities along with the development of sustainable tourism.


Javier Carrillo, Director of Economic Environment at IE Business School (IE University), will analyze the next steps in eco-innovations and what will shape the future of economic politics in the EU.


Antonio Lucio Gil, Director General of the Department of Transportation of the District of Madrid, will speak about the future of urban transportation and his paper which focuses on a design for sustainable cities.


Raúl Revuelta, Director of the Bachelor in Tourism Management at IE Business School (IE University) will close the second part of the event with a presentation of the Saas-FEE case, a locality in the Swiss Alps whose commitment to sustainability has gained numerous awards and international recognition, including the Energy Town of 2002, and the seal of Excellence in 2004.


The Event will conclude with a round table discussion analyzing the various strategies of business from many different sectors but which all share the common goal of achieving sustainability. Among the businesses invited are Toyota, Red Electric Spain, Iberpistas and Ferrovial.


The event is hosted by Iberpistas and the Foundation of Universities of Castilla and León. Those interested in attending the event can register online at this site


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