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19/09/2014. Madrid (SPAIN)

Admission Test

19/09/2014. Madrid (SPAIN)

Open Day

20/09/2014. Segovia (SPAIN)

Admission Test

20/09/2014. Segovia (SPAIN)

Open Day

22/09/2014. Brussels (BELGIUM)

Admission Test

IE University Academic Calendar 2014-2015


Important Dates


September 2nd: Start date for the first semester (with the exception of 1st year students)

September 15th: Start date for the first semester for 1st year students only

September 18th: Inauguration Ceremony, Campus Santa Cruz la Real, Segovia

January 12th: Start date for the second semester for all students

June 30th: Start date for the make-up exams

July 10th: Graduation Ceremony , Campus Santa Cruz la Real, Segovia, (Pending confirmation.)


Class period

September 15th - December 19th: First semester for 1st year students

September 2nd -December 19th: First semester for rest of students

January 12th - May 15th: Second semester for 1st and 2nd year students

January 12th - April 30th: Second semester for rest of students


June 30th - July 13th: Make-up exams period (both days included)



December 20th to January 11th: Christmas break (both days included)

March 28th to April 6th: Spring break (both days included)


Holidays (Madrid and Segovia campuses)

November 1st: All Saint’s Day

December 6th: Spanish Constitution Day

December 8th: The Immaculate Conception

January 28th: Santo Tomás de Aquino

May 1st: Labor Day

Holidays in Segovia

October 13th (transferred from October 12th): National Spanish Holiday

October 24th (transferred from October 25th): San Frutos

April 23rd: Castilla y León Day

June 29th: San Pedro

Holidays in Madrid

November 10th (transferred from November 9th): La Almudena

May 2nd: Comunidad de Madrid Day

May 15th: San Isidro

(There is an additional holiday pending confirmation)


IE University complies with the calendars established by the local and community administrations.