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22/09/2014. Brussels (BELGIUM)

Admission Test

22/09/2014. Brussels (BELGIUM)

One to One Sessions

25/09/2014. Madrid (SPAIN)

Admission Test

25/09/2014. London (UNITED KINGDOM)

Information Session

25/09/2014. Amsterdam (NETHERLANDS)

Admissions Test


Your Study Path
IE University takes an applied, hands-on and student-centered approach to education. Because our students have unique aspirations and career goals, their study path is also personalized. Students follow a tailored academic track that consists of the core degree courses, a concentration, specific internships, IE Labs, as well as Advanced Seminars and a Final Degree Project of their choice, guided by an Advisor
Your Advisor
At the center of the educational experience at IE University is the student Advisor.  Advisors guide students in a personalized way throughout their university life to ensure that students achieve their personal, academic and professional goals. The Advisors are highly skilled and experienced academics, senior managers and top professionals in a variety of corporations and international organizations. 
IE Labs
IE Labs are IE University’s alternative to traditional internship placements. There are two types of IE Labs, depending on the experiences the student wants to gain. For those who want to carry out an internship, IE Labs provide hands-on work experience on campus in consultancy and research projects with leading companies and institutions.  The IE Start-Up Lab is for students who want to turn their business plan into reality, and guides them through the process of creating and starting a business.
Advanced Seminars
Advanced Seminars complement the core degree by giving students deeper knowledge of subjects in their major area of study, and enable students to integrate other fields of study into their program. 
Final Degree Project
The Final Degree Project is a major part of the fourth year’s curriculum. Students choose their topic with faculty and are guided by their Advisor, drawing upon the knowledge the student has gained from specific academic areas and internships or IE Labs projects which the student carried out during their degree program.

Your Study Path

Do you want to know what your CV will look like once you have finished your studies at IE University? Our personalized approach to education allows you to tailor your program according to your professional and personal goals. Click here to create and share your virtual CV.