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17/07/2014. Madrid (SPAIN)

Admission Test

18/07/2014. Segovia (SPAIN)

Campus Tour with IE Students

18/07/2014. Lisbon (PORTUGAL)

Admissions Test

22/07/2014. Munich (GERMANY)

Admissions Test


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05/21/2014 - 16:12 - Hay Festival, IE University

Debate focuses on Europe at Hay Festival Segovia 2014

Do you have any questions?




Health and emergency services at IE University

What health services are offered on campus?

There is an on-campus medical service from 9:30 to 17:30 Monday to Friday.

In the event of an emergency, students or their parents can contact the 24-hour telephone service of the Residence Hall at: +34 921 44 26 88

What steps must be followed in case of illness?

In the case of a serious problem, call 112 to get emergency services. 

For minor problems, which nonetheless require immediate attention, contact the campus medical service which will arrange for the student  to be transferred to the appropriate medical facility.

In all cases:

  • You should notify the Student Office and the Residence Hall if  the student is residing there.
  • The student must be accompanied by a nurse or an IE University member of staff at all times.
  • Wherever possible a nurse will be present and will arrange for the student to be transferred if necessary.
  • In more serious cases, the Student Office will locate and inform the student’s family.

Who can students contact in case of illness?

Students can contact the campus medical service which will assess the seriousness of the problem and, if necessary, refer the student to the most suitable medical center.

Who can parents contact in case of illness or an emergency?

The Student Office is on hand to help students and parents, and will put them in contact with the campus medical staff, or with a suitable medical facility. The Residence Hall also has a 24 hour phone service.

Student Office: +34 921 412 241

Residence Hall:  +34 921 44 26 88

Which hospitals in Segovia can students go to?                                                         

Depending on the type of medical insurance, students will be sent to the Hospital General de Segovia (in case of emergency), the Health Center closest to the University or Residence Hall, or to a private medical center covered by their insurance.

Hospitals in Segovia

Drugstores in Segovia

Emergency numbers and services

All the students are provided with the following information in case of an emergency:

Hospital General de Segovia, Carretera de Ávila s/n. Segovia, 40002

Tel: +34 921 419 100

Emergency Services: 112

Toxicology Center: 91 562 0420 (24hrs)

Witness or victim of a crime: 091 (Police) 902 102 112 (assistance in various languages)


Medical Insurance                                                                                          

Students who require a visa must take out private medical insurance for the duration of their stay. IE University has signed agreements with international insurance companies with whom you can take out medical insurance in your country of origin. These policies comply with the medical insurance requirements needed to obtain your visa.


24-hour Security Service

IE University has its own 24-hour security service, equipped with devices and systems designed to guarantee the safety and security of the university community and facilities: alarm systems, access control equipment, and a closed circuit TV system with image recording capabilities.

All university facilities are equipped with an emergency lighting system, fire detection equipment, and a network of fire hydrants and extinguishers which are distributed throughout the campus.

The campus is situated in a safe and tranquil location within the city of Segovia, where crime is almost non-existent and students can move around safely at any time of the day.