Eiso Kant

27/01/2011 - Segovia

My favorite part of being in Segovia is the fact that we all live so close to each other. Whether you live in the residence or in the city, everyone is very close to each other and we can see each other a lot. 

Patricia Llopis

27/01/2011 - Segovia

The nicest thing about Segovia is everything is so close. It’s a 5 minute walk everywhere so you don’t need a car. 

Claudio Bassi

27/01/2011 - Segovia

It’s  a small city, it’s comfortable, its really nice and everything is within walking distance. 

Alex Warzecha

28/01/2011 - Segovia

I have a friend in Salamanca and another in Madrid. Seems like their experience has been good but they haven’t connected with the people as well as I have. It's kind of a smaller city and it’s the size I feel comfortable with.

John Lano

28/01/2011 - Segovia

Things here are going on all the time, at least for me it's a big change and a great change because you go out and for example, just last week we decided to go on a really long 'tapeo' and we were able to go to 10 different bars in one night, there were people our age, people older, younger, and it was a great mix.

Cécile Houlès

31/01/2011 - Segovia

I was used to living in big cities and I wasn’t sure what it would be like in a small city like this but I found there is in fact a lot of activity and a lot going on here.