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The Bachelor in Architecture surpasses the boundaries of conventional programs by combining design, innovation and management with a unique internship program. It is aimed at those who aspire to play a leading role in the world of architecture and design. Our focus on management provides you with the knowledge to establish and run your own firm and manage projects and teams, while the combination of design and innovation builds your entrepreneurial skills to seek new paths and offer novel possibilities that will transform the present and future.

This Bachelor enables our students to become design entrepreneurs. These individuals are able to design, manage and communicate effectively, essential skills required for the contemporary architect.

Teaching language: English

Campus: Segovia

Bachelor in Architecture

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A comprehensive program, and more                             

The Bachelor in Architecture surpasses the boundaries of conventional programs. It fosters your creativity and uniquely combines innovation and management, allowing you to become a design entrepreneur.

Use the latest digital technology                                         

IE has been ranked 10th worldwide for innovation in technologies and teaching. This program delivers an innovative and practical approach that involves training in the latest digital technologies including the NuDL digital fabrication laboratory.

We live entrepreneurship                                                   

IE is recognized in Europe and worldwide for its entrepreneurial spirit and its expertise in business education. The management skills you will gain are essential in order to adapt to the changing profiles of today’s architects and design professionals.

A unique internship program                         

Real world experience is essential for today’s architect and through our unique internship program; we ensure that you gain the professional skills that will take your studies one step further, through three semesters of combined online study and internships around the world during your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years.

An international outlook                                                  

The Bachelor in Architecture is among the most international in the world, with a learning environment and program content that give you an international outlook and global vision. You will study with a truly diverse community and be able to take advantage of study abroad and international internship opportunities.

Meet and learn from experts in the field               

You will learn from permanent and visiting professors and speakers who are experts in the various aspects of contemporary architecture and design practice. These respected figures will evaluate and guide your work and ideas in the right direction.

A solid network                                                             

Interactions with professors and peers from around the world will build your global professional network, as will the presentation of your work in front of renowned international visitors and design critics.

Personalize your studies with your advisor

Customize your study path in order to reach your career goals, with the guidance of an advisor who acts as your personal mentor, helping you integrate all the elements of your program in order to build a strong professional profile.

An outstanding faculty, accessible to you                           

During the program you have daily contact and feedback with your professors. With small class sizes you receive face-to-face time with your professors on a more regular basis than at other universities.

A fully accredited degree                                         

The Bachelor in Architecture is fully compliant with the Bologna Process and accredited by the Spanish government and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Its completion confers direct access to the profession of architecture according to Spanish regulations.



The four defining characteristics of the Bachelor in Architecture are:

Management for entrepreneurs  

The emphasis on management, within the context of an international and entrepreneurial environment, makes this undergraduate program unique. Management and communication skills are essential for the contemporary architect. Knowing how to set up and manage your own studio, or lead projects and teams, will complement your creative and entrepreneurial abilities.

A highly creative and digital environment

Students are immersed in a vibrant studio atmosphere where they can develop their creativity in a dynamic working and learning environment. Thanks to the time
spent in the Design Studio, you will have the chance to really interact with and learn from your peers and professors.Furthermore, our studios are equipped
with the latest digital tools, ensuring that you are fully prepared to work with the most up-to-date technology from the very first year.

Gain professional experience

The internship program gives you the opportunity to work at outstanding design firms, organizations and magazines. Real world experience is combined with online study during the second semester of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years, allowing you to study, work and live globally.In addition, the program’s strong focus on group projects simulates the professional environments that students will have and trains them in organizing and carrying out a variety of projects with a team.

An engaged and alternative approach

The Bachelor in Architecture takes an integrated approach to your learning. You are not only taught by architects, but also by visual artists, designers, typographers and engineers, each of whom bring
different perspectives to your studies and help enrich your expressive abilities. The program also enables you to present your ideas to panels of experts from various
creative fields, providing you will the essential skills to successfully present, analyze, and implement your work.




A Hidden Gem of Global Architecture Education - 2010 Top 6 Unexpected Options - 2011


The Bachelor in Architecture leads the “Hidden Gems in Global Architecture Education” category in the ranking from Design Intelligence magazine 2010. This USA ranking is the most prestigious regarding architecture and design schools. Design Intelligence decided for the first time to consider foreign schools and to reward the ones that are pushing the boundaries of innovation, creativity and global commitment.

A international campus in Segovia
The Bachelor in Architecture is offered at our Segovia campus:
The IE University Segovia campus is housed in a historic building, the Convent of Santa Cruz la Real, declared a national heritage site in 1931, and offers a true campus experience. Segovia is located only 25 minutes from Madrid by high-speed train, and welcomes students from over 100 countries to a global university setting, characterized by its academic and lively atmosphere.


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Open Day

05/09/2015. Segovia (SPAIN)

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06/09/2015. San Salvador (EL SALVADOR)

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Professors are very competent and are always willing to help us and schedule tutorials whenever a student needs it.