The Bachelor in Architecture is aimed at entrepreneurial students who enjoy the challenge of problem solving and grappling with complexity. It is specially designed for individuals who believe that there are many ways of approaching and interpreting the world around them, and are passionate about creatively materializing their ideas.


           Individuals who are...                   Looking for...                    To become...
…able to see possibilities where others don’t. You understand that there are many ways to approach and interpret the world around you, and are passionate about bringing your ideas to life. … a unique program that provides you with the best technical and digital tools, creative environment, and entrepreneurial skills you need to be an outstanding architect.

• the head of your own firm
• a sustainability expert
• an urban design specialist
•part of a major architecture or
engineering studio
•a product designer


I aim to become an architect that can manage all the phases of a project; an architect that is able to work worldwide, but that at the same time is able to create projects that engage with the specific constraints of each location; a professional that has the skills and the capacities to lead a multicultural team of experts in different fields, where the integration of knowledge is the key element to the success of a project.

                                                                                                                                                 Jaime, Spain/Portugal


Students say

“Learning & understanding each detail about architecture and different approaches and interpretations will give me a more accurate and broader vision.” Alejandro, Spain

“I aspire to become an architect that will contribute to the built environment. After I gain experience by working in international firms, I aspire to establish my own architectural office.By doing so, I hope to become a leader in the architectural world.” Nabla, India


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27/05/2015. Geneva (SWITZERLAND)

Admissions Test

28/05/2015. Madrid (SPAIN)

Admission Test

28/05/2015. London (UNITED KINGDOM)

Informative Session

28/05/2015. London (UNITED KINGDOM)

Admissions Test

Student Opinions

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Paola Gilmartín

Paola Gilmartín

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Paola Gilmartín

Professors are very competent and are always willing to help us and schedule tutorials whenever a student needs it.