Your professional development

Because our students have unique aspirations, we help you to customize your study path in order to reach your career goals, with the guidance of an advisor who is your mentor and helps you integrate all the elements of your program in order to build a strong professional profile.

Create a tailored academic program by choosing from an extensive range of components offered in the program. In addition to the core components of the BBA program, students can choose to carry out specific internships, work in a variety of IE Labs, and participate in advanced seminars which cover certain academic topics in depth.

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Internships give you direct contact with the business community and the opportunity to be an active participant in projects for companies and organizations, gaining valuable professional experience. The overriding aim is to provide high quality internship experiences that challenge you and give you experience in the professional areas in which you want to build your career.
Some of the companies where our students have carried out internships
Accenture, Germany
Adecco Iberia S.A., Madrid, Spain
Banco Santander, Madrid, Spain
Bank of China,Shanghai, China
BBVA, Lisbon, Portugal
BDO Corporate Finance, Dubai, EAU
Brabus GmbH, Bottrop, Germany
Vestas Wind System, Madrid, Spain
Credit Suisse, Madrid, Spain
DANONE, Mexico City, Mexico
Deutsche Bank AG, Berlin, Germany
Ernst & Young, Madrid, Spain, & Bahrain
Essar Oil UK Ltd., London, UK
Everis (Consulting), Madrid, Spain
Holcim Argentina, Cordoba, Argentina
KPMG AG, Munich, Germany
KPMG, Bucharest, Rumania
Student internship testimonies:

“During my second year at IE University the IE Career Management Center offered me the opportunity to work in Deloitte. This was an amazing experience to prove to myself that I was able to cope with a lot of work and perform my best. Only once I started my internship I realized that studying at IE University gave me the right skills and mindset to compete in the working world. Having a solid business background, great communication and team building skills and, above all, being tolerant to different cultures has definitely given me a competitive edge at work.”

Manuel, Class of 2013


“I have had the flexibility to do 4 internships in 3 different countries. I did my second year placement at Adecco Iberia which is a large multinational. This internship was a great experience for me because I had the opportunity to interact with people from many different delegations around the world. It was a dynamic environment where I learnt so much every day. The biggest thing that IE gave me wasn’t just the theory by itself, but also the right mindset to work in a multinational environment. Moreover, the learning process at IE becomes a two ways process because you learn in the working world and then you apply this knowledge again back in class.”

 Josephine, Class of 2014 


IE Labs

Gain access to top internship opportunities working with IE Labs as a consultant for prestigious companies and institutions. IE Labs are IE University’s alternative to traditional internship placements. For students seeking internship placements, the IE Labs provide hands-on, internship-like experience on campus, working as consultants and on research projects for leading companies and institutions in a variety of sectors.

Students work in the IE Labs under the tutorship of professors, while experts provide training in areas like marketing, funding, strategy and legal aspects. IE Labs also include practical workshops throughout the year led by executives from participating companies.


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IE Start-Up Lab
Entrepreneurship as a career choice is not for everyone, but everyone should learn to think like an entrepreneur. IE University is rooted in entrepreneurship and empowers students who want to turn their business ideas into reality.
Each year new social initiatives, projects and businesses are launched by our students. Students are not only encouraged to start new initiatives, they are provided with the resources and they need to be successful.
Many of our students come to IE University with a business idea which they are eager to launch. The Start-Up Lab serves as an incubator for students’ business initiatives and guides them through the process of creating and starting a business. If you bring a solid business plan to the Start-Up Lab, you will be given the training, resources and networks you need.


Social Impact Lab
During the program students can choose to participate in a Social Impact Project whereby they work in non-profit organizations and other initiatives, managing social projects in international settings. Students find this experience to be one of the most memorable and enriching parts of their program.
Spain and Europe
Junior Achievement (and EBS Summer Law School), Spain
Coaching Corporation, Spain
Doctors Without Borders, Spain
Strawberry Earth, Netherlands
Aflatoun - Child Finance, Netherlands
Bernard Van Leer Foundation, The Hague, Netherlands
Missing Children Europe, Brussels, Belgium
Mestizage, Denmark
South America
UNICEF, Brazil
Fundación Andar, Mexico
Action Aid, Madrid and South America
Club Atlético de Madrid, Argentina, Kenya, Ireland
BBVA Foundation, Peru and Colombia
Habitat for Humanity, Argentina
The Kids League, Uganda
Fundación Atlético Madrid (Strathmore University Educational Trust), Kenya
Finacieros Sin Fronteras, Ghana
Kasarini Primary School, Kenya
Elonga Internship Program, Namibia
Student Social Impact Lab testimonies:
“The IE Social Impact Lab offers students the possibility to work for NGO’s all around the world. Because of our fascination for Africa and its people we became volunteers at the Strathmore Educational Trust in Kenya. This unique experience enabled us to develop professionally, personally, and from a human point of view. We had to adapt to the language, the culture and the scarcity of resources. It really is an experience that students should live at least once in life time because it changes the way you see the world around you.”


Daniel and Lucas, Class of 2014


Advanced Seminars

  Advance Seminars

Advanced Seminars complement the core degree by giving students deeper knowledge of subjects in their major area of study, and enable students to integrate other fields of study into their program.


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Take the next step in your education
Become highly qualified with a master’s degree at IE.
In an increasingly challenging and fast paced world, the demand for professionals with a specialized Master who excel in an international environment is continuously increasing. By taking your education one step further, you will be provided with the essential skills that will build not only your character and mindset, but that will also meet the needs of the specific field you wish to work in, including the private and public sectors or your own business venture.
Graduating from the Bachelor in Business Administration gives you preferential access to study one of the many master programs offered at IE. You can complete a Bachelor and Master’s degree in as little as 5 years, and gain a competitive skill set upon which to build a successful career.


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Student Opinions

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María Gabriela Cardoza

María Gabriela Cardoza

I want to do business ... ...
cerrar María Gabriela Cardoza

María Gabriela Cardoza

I want to do international business and I think it offers a setting where they bring students from everywhere in the world and there’s so much diversity.

Daniel Lilischkies

Daniel Lilischkies

I was looking for a more international focus on business ... ...
cerrar Daniel Lilischkies

Daniel Lilischkies

I was looking for a more international focus on business as well as have the chance to learn a new language.